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TONS of Nutrition graphics + 3 tips for massive success

If your intention walking into 2021 has been to see MASSIVE GROWTH in your dōTERRA business let us show you how your One Drop subscription can assist you…


The Strategy: If you hit a creative block of “what to say” or “what to post” especially online in your dōTERRA business One Drop can help!

✅ Take a few minutes and just scroll over 47.4K items in your One Drop library, see what images spark an idea in you...look at our ebooks, our classes outlines, and downloads.

✅ Purchase the Content Calendar for the month that has your copy DONE for you. This Premium add on takes all the brain work out of “coming up with an idea” 

✅ For our subscribing members, use the “Request an Item” option at the bottom of the website to custom request what you are looking for! (holy perks!! Yes you get access to over 200 designers included WITH your subscription!)


The Strategy: STOP trying to catch the perfect lighting, spend hours in Canva, or hours typing up copy for your groups. Let our talented photographers, graphic designers, and content creators do the heavy lifting. 

✅ An eye catching photo will slow your audience's make sure you are putting your best foot forward! (no one needs to know it's from One Drop!)

✅ Don’t stress when dōTERRA drops a last minute promotion, just jump into One Drop and grab your graphics and information without the scramble.

✅ Use your time to CONNECT, EDUCATE and GROW your business.

Just Launched!

3. BATCHING (your work)

The Strategy: Sit down on a scheduled day in the week (Ours is Sunday!) and map out the next 7 days for your social media and weekly classes. 

✅ Jump into One Drop and search your images/graphics you need. Download and watermark them.

✅ Download the ebook that you need to teach your class or continuing ed class this week.

✅ Schedule your copy from our Content Calendar to your user and business groups for the week.

🌟 BONUS: Use the app Preview to schedule your Instagram posts for the week too! 

So don’t stress as new products launch, One Drop has you covered and looking like a PRO to your team and audience. 

Showing up consistently can be SIMPLE, especially when you have the right tools in your back pocket.

We love hearing from thousands of you who are leveraging One Drop to save HOURS each week, save THOUSANDS of dollars in Graphic Design fees, and feel SUPER CONFIDENT showing up in their dōTERRA business….maybe we call this the One Drop Swagger as we walk into 2021

"As a former copy writer, connecting the dots with writing that is personal and engaging is incredibly time consuming. I appreciate having the option of a content calendar!"
- Rebecca S., Wellness Advocate
"One Drop is such a game changer!!! I love how the content calendar does all the work for me!!! 🙌🏻 Making my online business approach so much easier! 🥰 "
- Katie A., Wellness Advocate
"Omg one drop has helped me sooo much share on IG quick and easy!!! I love the story bundles to teach everyone everything about essential oils!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻💧💧💕💕"
-Storm T., Wellness Advocate

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