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Save 20+ hours a month with these 3 HOT tips 🔥

Imagine what you could do with an extra 20 hours a month. 

  • Spend a few extra hours on your dōTERRA business, with your customers and team

  • Start working on that passion product or idea that you have been wanting to create

  • Take an hour to get outside, walk, enjoy nature and breathe fresh air

  • Take your kids to the park every week and being fully present and not on your phone

  • Dive deep into that course, podcast, or book you have been dying to find the time for

Regardless, YOUR TIME is your most valuable asset.

The possibilities are endless…and possible because of One Drop.

Did you know that on average it takes 90 minutes to write a post, design a basic graphic, and schedule or post? Not to mention, if you are doing that across just two platforms, it's 3 hours a day? 😳 You want to stay consistent, of course, let’s say just posting 4 days a week…

 → that’s 12 hours a week (or 48 hours a month!). That’s a lot of time overhead.

Let us break down 3 easy tips to maximize your productivity, save you 20+ hours this month, and create content that generates leads 🤩 who doesn’t want more of those?!

Anything worth doing is worth doing right. Right? With a proper plan in place you can conquer the world and maximize your output by working smarter, not harder.

Planning comes down to knowing who you are serving and how you are going to serve them.

→ Let’s start with your Customers and your Audience.

Your Customers (9/10) will reside in a Facebook group → it’s easy to maintain, accessible, and almost everything can be scheduled.

Your Audience will typically be hanging out on your Instagram page and Facebook Business Page (we all know that consistency is KEY to staying relevant on these platforms).

Customer Group:


  • Create a theme for the month (or week by week)
  • Create a Collection of Lifestyle images that match your brand

  • Repurpose the Content Calendar Copy. Tweak the copy and create new Calls To Action (CTA) to have your audience go watch stories, check out your website, tune in to your IGTV, Save your post, or like and comment.

Batching your work at the beginning of the month (or even week) will save you hours and hours of time. The time that you could spend elsewhere.

Customer Group:

  • Download your favorite matched graphics

  • Watermark them.

  • Copy and paste the copy into your Facebook Scheduler for the whole month!


  • Repurpose Your Content Calendars (outline what days your can use for your Public profiles that match your lifestyle photos), update your CTA

  • Watermark your photos

  • Schedule to Facebook and Instagram using Facebook Creator

Step 3 is focusing on what YOU CAN DO NOW with the 20+ hours you save each month by using One Drop. Spend it with your family, enjoying more meaningful connected moments that you would have otherwise missed. Re-invest those hours back into your dōTERRA business on the true income producing activities and reach your business goals even faster! Pamper yourself for your hard work! Or like us, do a combination of all 3!

You. Are. Welcome

Truly WHAT are you waiting for? Join thousands of Wellness Advocates who are working SMARTER not HARDER. Let One Drop take the heavy load off your shoulders and look like the polished professional you are!

"Saving so much TIME and energy = huge money saver. It’s also helped me stay engaged with my community in my customer group and my personal Instagram page and has honestly lead to increased sales and enrollments. It’s completely simplified sharing online! 👏🏼
I’m grateful for it and I know my customers are too! Never going without One Drop again!
Thank you!!!!"
- Kylie T., Wellness Advocate
"One Drop has saved me sooooo much time! I use it multiple times a day and as I had a baby in September, it allowed me to easily continue to show up for my team in the tiny pockets of time I had around new born life. So grateful for the gorgeous images but also the inspiration and continued upgrades to purchased packages and value it provides."
-Nicky S., Wellness Advocate

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