Hi there! We are Keeli Martinez and Brad Jones, two individuals with a shared passion for 2 things: dōTERRA, and quality marketing. As Presidential Diamond and Diamond leaders, we know firsthand how professional photography and good design can be transformative in building a successful business in today’s digital world.
We created One Drop to solve the challenges Wellness Advocates face in trying to stand out and have their story heard. We’ve alleviated the ongoing pressure to create quality graphics, professional photography, and other effective business resources, making these essentials equally accessible and affordable for everyone. Our Wellness Advocate subscribers are able to be successful faster by focusing more on true income producing activities.
Our #1 goal is to provide unparalleled value to our subscribers and elevate the entire dōTERRA brand through uncompromisingly high-quality marketing and business resources. We do this through crowdsourcing our ever-growing library from the best freelance designers, photographers, and content creators available around the world.
One Drop Contributors reach thousands of Wellness Advocates each month and enjoy healthy profits from our Subscriber revenue share, with ongoing earnings based on the number of downloads their items receive. Each Contributor is free to create their own unique collection of high-quality dōTERRA graphics, photos, printable templates, presentations, business trainings, enrollment strategies, and more. Many Contributors already create these amazing resources for their dōTERRA team, and One Drop helps them monetize those efforts even further – uplifting the entire Wellness Advocate community in the process. Our top earning Contributors consistently add high-quality relevant content, trending designs, and high-demand resources for building a dōTERRA business.
As more and more effective resources are created and added to One Drop, everyone wins.
Wellness Advocates are finally free to professionally promote their business in their own unique voice and style, without limitations from skillset, upline, location, or accessibility to hidden Facebook groups or expensive platforms.
We're excited to help elevate your visual dialogue and make something beautiful together.

Keeli Martinez is a Presidential Diamond leader who knows the value of leveraging social media to expose personal brand and lifestyle. Her expertise across major social platforms has grown her business into a multimillion-dollar global organization. She understands the extensive time and high talent required to create a photo or graphic that actually engages your audience; and recognizes that these skillsets may not be everyone's expertise. Keeli is passionate about empowering others to authentically share their story, and in making it as easy as possible to share a love for dōTERRA online.

Brad Jones is a self-taught creative professional with over 25 years' enterprise level experience as a Multimedia Designer, Marketing Director, Product Manager, Web Developer, IT Director, and Photographer.
An entrepreneur at heart, Brad is a lifelong learner, relentlessly driven to create, and tirelessly works to improve everything he touches. After reaching the rank of Diamond and seeing firsthand what it takes to succeed, his vision with One Drop is to help Wellness Advocates succeed in greater numbers as dōTERRA’s entire brand is visually elevated to match the amazing quality of its essential oils.