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🎁 Give yourself the GIFT OF TIME next month

2020 was the build-up ...

We were all thrown curveballs. It was 'adapt or die' for everyone and One Drop pivoted to match how you needed to show up in this new virtual world. We listened to you. We created the incredible content and tools you asked for to make your business truly shine.

Are you using everything at your fingertips to succeed?

It's time to show the world what you are offering and One Drop is right here, helping you show up like the PRO that you are. Our January Content Calendars just released and you definitely want to get your hands on the Builder calendar! It is PURE FIRE! 🔥

Not only will your team have a clear action plan to implement to make 2021 their best year to date, but you will look like a seasoned PRO teaching this content even if you are implementing right alongside them! (’s our little secret!

31 Days to create Your Diamond Game Plan:

We laid it all out there:

  • How to reverse engineer your whole year and plan it with purpose
  • How to prep by quarter to leverage promotions ... and what to do when there isn’t one
  • Building your team’s beliefs by rank
  • Creating an action plan and how to effectively implement it
  • And so much more!

Here is how easy it is for our members to leverage the content calendars:

Our January User Calendar is sure to help your customers ditch resolutions (that NEVER last) and create truly sustainable healthy habits that are not only good for them, but will create life-long dōTERRA customers. (hey there, high retention!)

Grab your 31 Days of Healthy Habits User Content Calendar below:

A question we have been asked and would love to answer is “Why are the content calendars Premium Items?”

Your One Drop membership gives incredible access to now over 13,300 stock dōTERRA items. Gorgeous graphics, professional photos, incredible downloads, Facebook headers, stories, email and text campaigns and SO MUCH MORE!

Where else can you find top-notch graphic designers and photographers for $35 OR LESS per month for unlimited downloads?

Our Content Calendars are 100% DONE-FOR-YOU written copy. This content is for anyone who hates spending the time or the brain space trying to come up with content that connects and engages your customers, team, or your followers. For only $11 per content calendar, you save yourself HOURS and HOURS of writing up content, and can stay consistent showing up in your online business. Truly, it’s like having your own copywriter and social media manager on staff for what you pay for lunch!

The Content Calendars are so easy to use and access:

  • Select and download your image.
  • Watermark it. 
  • Copy your content.
  • Paste and schedule into your groups or social platforms.
  • Done and Done! 

Oh, and you have lifetime access to the Content Calendars you purchase as long as you have a One Drop account!  

Kick-off the New Year by outsourcing the things you don’t love, and grab your Content Calendars today!

"I'm loving the Content Calendar. 🥰 I love the ability to check off the postings that I've already completed...TY!"
- Karen H., Wellness Advocate
"One Drop is such a game changer!!! I love how the content calendar does all the work for me!!! 🙌🏻 Making my online business approach so much easier! 🥰 "
- Katie A., Wellness Advocate
"One drop keeps making my job easier! My user group has never had this much education and engagement is so high! Plus its so simple to use. Thank you one drop team for hitting it out of the park... AGAIN!"
- Jennifer J., Wellness Advocate

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