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Educating your dōTERRA audience doesn’t have to be overwhelming! With dōTERRA Guided Education Series, dōTERRA Oil Experiences, dōTERRA Presentations, dōTERRA Oil Study Groups, dōTERRA 101 and 201 Classes, and more ... One Drop’s dōTERRA Education Series Items makes teaching your customers a breeze!

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What makes dōTERRA Education Resources so Important for Wellness Advocates?

  • You see your upline holding Facebook Live and dōTERRA Online Class events regularly, and it IS hard not to notice how much traction they get every time they hold an event.
  • Instead of spending too much time giving yourself a pep-talk or trying to convince your children to stay out of your office for just half an hour, let One Drop provide you with all the quality, high-converting education content you need.
  • We do all the heavy lifting so all you have to do is show up and deliver the content to your community!
  • You’ve held dōTERRA basics classes in the past, and now you’re looking to give your community an even better experience — but creating resources to teach FROM just isn’t your thing.
  • Our library of education resources is the perfect place to look for ideas, download beautiful, inspiring powerpoints, group study guides, 101 and 201 materials and easily prepare for your next oils class in minutes. Just follow along, no research or lesson plans required.
  • Trying to find new ways to increase your engagement and bring in more ❤️? One Drop has the solution. Our Contributors do the creative work for you to deliver beautiful, unique and engaging educational experiences for your customers.
  • Ready to change the way you show up to educate your customers? Get a One Drop membership to open your access to thousands of dōTERRA resources that are sure to set fire to the way you run your business. #gamechanger
  • Ready to show people just how amazing the business you’ve created is? You know you’ve got the potential, you just need the PRO-level resources.
  • Our Educational Series items provide Wellness Advocates with a multitude of different options to teach future customers the many ways that dōTERRA can lead to a healthier life — and an amazing business opportunity as well!
  • No more anxious feelings about inviting a new friend to your next Essential Oil Master Class. We’ll provide you the content that gives you the confidence you need to reach and exceed your business goals.

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