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Virtual Master Class Toolkit (US)

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This Virtual Master Class Toolkit is the new, #1 solution to teaching an effective oil class virtually.

Are you ready to teach a virtual class where your people who RSVP’d actually show up excited, your engagement is high and your class feels custom and high end!? This Master Class toolkit has been designed to give you all the tools and customizations to do just that!

Created from TOP ENROLLERS and Wellness Advocates who are finding success in the online space, you'll have the collective power of hundreds of hours of experience teaching effective in-person and online classes, all rolled into this valuable Master Class Toolkit.

Watch this video to see everything that's included:

If you are not learning how to teach an effective online class, you will be left behind.

Let’s face it, virtual oil classes are here to stay. Even after COVID fades, many people will still be more likely to join an online class merely due to the simplicity rather than go over to someone’s house for a few hours of their evening. Not to mention, you now have an incredible opportunity to reach many more people outside of your local area with virtual classes leveraging your exposure to MORE people!

But if you have ever tried to teach an online class, it can prove to be much more difficult than in person. It’s WAY harder to get them engaged. Harder to get them to connect with the products. And without the right visuals, information, and build-up processes, a lackluster presentation can result in people being distracted, checking out early and few to no people enrolling.

This Master Class Toolkit is hands-down the most beautiful, engaging and streamlined virtual class you will find. It solves all of these concerns through intelligent design, intentional visual learning experiences, and proven sales processes that ensure everyone is paying attention and engaged from start to finish. It enables them to INTERACT in new and creative ways. It makes you look like a PRO. And when you go through it, you’ll feel like one too.

By purchasing this toolkit, you get individual (single person) access for you to use these resources for life. And as updates are made, you get unlimited re-downloads to get the new features and benefits I’m always adding. (YEP, YOU READ THAT RIGHT!)

Key features:

  • BEAUTIFUL and professional design, with consistent theme elements throughout … and it doesn’t look or feel “corporate.”
  • Incredible resources that keep your future customers engaged
  • A powerful, proven enrollment system that WORKS
  • Money well spent. With this Toolkit, you save countless hours compared to trying to create something on your own and the ongoing value you’ll get from an effective virtual class in your business can be priceless.

What's included

  • A 1-hour video tutorial showing you EXACTLY how to run the class and powerful tips to get more people to enroll with you right then!
  • Social media graphics to post before your Master Class to help draw in new customers – includes CANVA templates for quick customizations so they can be re-used again and again.
  • Gorgeous and highly informative, customizable PDF eBook for end customers
  • Master Class Google Slides presentation with features that will blow your mind
  • Incredible educational resources QR/linked inside the presentation:
    • LLV eBook
    • LLV Guide
    • Custom (BEAUTIFUL) Starter Kit pages linked by QR/
  • Success tips and best practices
  • FREE updates for life!

As this Toolkit is used by hundreds of Wellness Advocates, I’ll collect their feedback and the Toolkit will evolve with the needs of the community! This is a one-time investment (and a great write-off for many Wellness Advocates!) that will continue to add value into your dōTERRA business for years to come.

Get your Virtual Master Class Toolkit today!

Important note: The download is not compatible with some mobile devices. We have found that the best class experience is one where you're able to share a beautiful, engaging presentation comfortably from a computer or tablet device. Please ensure you're working from a computer to download, extract, and to customize your Toolkit as included in the instructions. Your future customers can attend your virtual classes from their mobile devices!

Looking for a way to give this same amazing experience for your IN-PERSON CLASSES? Check out my Class Guide Bundle (includes an incredible new Enrollment Form) on One Drop here:

Important: This purchase gives YOU, and you alone, use of this Toolkit for classes you teach personally. It is a non-transferable license, and a copyright violation to share all or any part of this download with another person for them to use as if they had purchased. All Wellness Advocates must have their own copy, legally downloaded from this page. An incredible amount of time, energy, love and hard work went into creating this for your success. Copyright infringement is always taken seriously. Please do the right thing.