Resources   >>  One Drop is like a giant easy button in your dōTERRA business

One Drop is like a giant easy button in your dōTERRA business

Having a One Drop subscription is like a giant easy button in your dōTERRA business.

Instead of scrambling when …

◼️ dōTERRA drops a surprise BOGO … in JANUARY 😲

◼️ You are trying to close the month strong ... but then realize it’s only ONE WEEK away from needing to be ready for February 😩

Simply put one drop of Adaptiv on your wrist ...

Load One Drop on your screen ...


Because things just got EVEN EASIER for you: February Content Calendars are now live AND they include a surprise BONUS!

👉 This week's BOGO content INCLUDED in February's Content Calendar!

Grab a One Drop subscription and February Content Calendar TODAY and you’re set for this week’s BOGO and the entire month of February!

February USER Groups

Intimacy | Relationships | Love
How oils + the 5 Love Languages can play a MAJOR role in your relationships; Intimacy with your partner and oils; Simple ways to incorporate oil with your kids to speak to their love language.

+ 3 January BOGO Bonus posts!

February BUILDER Groups

Building the dōTERRA biz with your significant other

Simple ways to include your partner in your business; How to create goals together and work in your strengths; Ideas on how to ask for support and have clear communication. Creating long term success TOGETHER!

Looking for BOGO graphics? Check out the 574+ BOGO graphics and images that have already been added to One Drop in the past 24 hours, plus more being added by the hour!

Our members are OBSESSED with One Drop 😍

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