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Let One Drop do all the heavy lifting when it comes to writing compelling content that connects to your community!

Watch this video to get a sneak peek of everything that's included:

This calendar specifically highlights…

✅ How the 5 Love Languages and oils can play a MAJOR role in your relationships

✅ Intimacy with your partner and oils

✅ Simple ways to incorporate oil with your kids to speak to their love language

This download includes a full month’s worth of pre-written content DONE FOR YOU that you are able to copy, paste and schedule into your group or on your social media page. 

🚨You want to have a One Drop subscription to access the graphics that are linked into this content calendar. This is a premium item for anyone who struggles with writing copy, wants to free up their time and loves to show up consistently. 

👉 Here are the details: 

Step 1: You choose which day your month starts. Each calendar has 30+ days worth of education for your customers. You can choose which days you feel are the most valuable for you and your community. 

Step 2: Each day will have multiple photos/graphics that correlate to that day. These items will all populate directly under the post for you to view all at the same time, pick your fave!

Step 3: Download the visual item you want to use, watermark it, copy the text, edit (if you want), add in any additional emoji’s and post away! 

* After the month is over we will scrub the calendar of irrelevant info so that the content can be used again in the future.

Sample day from this content calendar

Day 4 Theme of the month - Intimacy/Relationships/Love

DAY 4 Theme of the month - Intimacy/Relationships/Love

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Always edit for your voice and to be compliant in your market!