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Do you use these 3 lesser-known Social Media tips? 🤔

It’s been just over 10 years since Instagram launched, and almost 16 years since Facebook started. 

Social media isn’t going away any time soon either.

These powerhouses are multi-billion dollar companies and the easiest way to share and promote your business for FREE.

In 2020 “pivot” became the word of the year.

✅ Pivot your business. 

✅ Pivot online.

✅ Pivot your offer.

Pivot. Pivot. Pivot 👏👏👏

It's time to stop "pivoting".

Instead, follow these three tips to supercharge your social media game.

The most asked questions Keeli gets in her live Q&A Fridays: “How do I know what content to post on social media?” OR “How do I grow my following?” OR “How do I create more leads online?”

Let’s break down exactly how to create bomb content that gets all the likes, shares, and comments.

Consistency can make or break how you bring in leads, followers, and new enrollments. Whether you choose to post 3 times a week or all 7, create a consistent schedule that allows you to show up, educate, remind, and entertain your audience.

Grab a Content Planner or Content Calendar and get posting!

Shareable content has been trending for over a year. People love to share what resonates with them and what they feel will resonate with others. Memes, letter boards, educational graphics, and quotes are a few of the highest shared content on social media. Make sure to add the call-to-action to share and save the post! 

When it comes to business and personal branding, people are saying “yes” to you.

They want you to share the knowledge you have and pieces of your life and behind the scenes. While they love the BTS, what gets someone to “convert” and give you the internet currency of following you →  a beautiful grid. If you struggle with photography, One Drop offers over 4500 lifestyle and product photos perfect for your feed.

Show up. Be you. Use One Drop.

"Saving so much TIME and energy = huge money saver. It’s also helped me stay engaged with my community in my customer group and my personal Instagram page and has honestly lead to increased sales and enrollments. It’s completely simplified sharing online! 👏🏼
I’m grateful for it and I know my customers are too! Never going without One Drop again!
Thank you!!!!"
- Kylie T., Wellness Advocate
"[One Drop] allowed me to still work my business and be present for my family and baby who was struggling to survive. I didn’t lose rank the whole time my little guy was in the NICU and I seriously couldn’t of done that without one drop!"
-Melissa L., Wellness Advocate

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