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The BIG secret behind VIRTUAL convention 2020 ?

Can we just pause and reminisce on Global Convention 2019 ...

  • Jumping on an airplane
  • Meeting up with our oily friends 
  • The buzz of thousands of people gathered
  • The amazing smell of oils wafting through the halls
  • Walking into the product showcase
  • Seeing the excitement on people's smiling faces
  • Touching the new oils/products ... touching ... anything!

If you've been before, you know exactly what we are talking about! Feeling a little sad about missing out on all of this? 


So virtual convention here we come!!!

A top question we're getting is:
How do I maximize convention from behind my computer?

Answer ... Focus on doing these 3 simple things: 
  1. Share exciting news as dōTERRA releases it!
  2. Share all about the new oils and products ... and don't forget to include how you'll personally use them.
  3. Have an “after party” on Zoom … CONNECT with your team!
🌟 BONUS: Do a fun giveaway for your team for anyone who participates in your convention posts and buys a convention kit!

Right now, people are craving connection more than ever ... so show up for your team! Truly, convention being held virtually is an opportunity for you to lead your team. Show them the value of participating in convention and why it provides a powerful glimpse into the heartbeat of dōTERRA.

Wondering how to stay present with watching convention yourself AND simultaneously create all the graphics and content to share in your groups and with your audience??

Let One Drop do ALL the heavy lifting!

Our 140+ Contributors will be actively creating graphics, photos and making incredible downloads FOR YOU while convention is in session!

PLUS we will be sharing written content for you to simply copy and paste into your groups with all the latest and greatest updates. Make sure you are in our One Drop Facebook group to get easy access to this and (SHHHHH 🤫) we mayyyy be doing an EPIC Giveaway over there too during convention week!

You won't want to miss it ... so add your friends and stay tuned! 😏

Convention moves FAST and One Drop is proven to be the TOP digital media platform for all top leaders. So don't scramble next week, make it easy with a One Drop membership and look like the PRO that you are! 

Want a little sneak peek??
Check out some of our top downloaded 2020 Convention items in the library ready for you to download and share right now: 

Want more? Click here to view all 228+ "convention" related items in the library.


"This month was the first time I used One Drop & OMG life changer! So much easier and fun this time around. I was able to focus on following up more & still made sure to post the Summer Camp posts in between!! I was able to actually hit my highest rank ever & I honestly believe it was due to the help of One Drop & all the amazing contributors for their beautiful content! Thank you all from the bottom of my ever grateful heart!!"
- Yvonne R., dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

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