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Have a solid doTERRA strategy thru the end of the year? WE DO! ?

September is almost coming to an end...

which means Halloween will soon be here...

and then BOOM Christmas is all over stores...

and the year is over.

Just because we have less than 100 days left in the year doesn't mean that you need to worry. So much can happen FOR your business in the next three months. dōTERRA launched Wellness Kit subscriptions (90 days of solid volume 😍), Holiday products launch, AND historically have BOGOs in November. Don't forget about some incredible 200 PV promos! (hopefully, Frankincense, which usually happens in December.)

These are some of the best months we have all year with dōTERRA. Inside our brand new business content calendar, we're going to break down how to create your 90 Day Success Plan and leverage what dōTERRA gives us.

To make sure that your customers are prepped this fall with fun activities and recipes to keep them and their family healthy this time of year, we curated a content calendar just for them. 

"Made posts so much easier. Designs were gorgeous. Rank advanced!!"
- Shannon F., dōTERRA Wellness Advocate
"Uh, helllllo! I opened up my One Drop, downloaded files, posted on my accounts! BEST ever!! The art, the graphics, very up to date fonts, beautiful layouts- TRY it!"
- Deb S., dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

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