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Engaging your audience just keeps getting EASIER with One Drop

Do you know what makes September SO special in dōTERRA!? Next month is the one time of the year that all of us get together for the largest dōTERRA event. Our Global dōTERRA Convention, Pursue 2020.

This year we are doing this event 'Rona style, aka virtually! So, are you ready to jump online with 50,000 😱 of your closest friends for the BEST week of the year? We know how hard it can be to stay present with your team and still put out amazing content for your customers.

The goal of One Drop is always to make your content game strong and easy.

So here is a question for you, are you prepared to engage your customer group and warm them up before Convention?

...because we are for you! 😏

We have your September content playbook ready to educate and engage your customer group!

This time it's all about what makes dōTERRA so special. You know, the "dōTERRA difference" we all know and love!

We dive deep into Co-Impact SourcingHealing Hands, sourcing of many of our most profound oils, our Non-Profit partners, and so much more of the dōTERRA heartbeat.

All done for you!! Yep. We are serious. 

Are you "jumping up and down excited" yet?

Don't know what to share in your business building group!?

Oh, we have you there too!! 

We dug deep this month to bring you highly sought after leadership content that is rarely taught... soft skills.

What?! 🤔

You read that correctly... soft skills.

What are soft skills?

These are techniques of your business that are necessary to run the back end of your business. This includes top leader tips on having incredible customer service, bringing on new customers like a pro, how to have critical conversations, and developing superstar leaders... it's juicy.

Like last month, as we continue to test our done-for-you content calendars, many of our write-ups have multiple options for downloads through One Drop. Be sure to carve out some time to download, watermark, and pre-schedule these posts in your groups and breeze through September like a boss!

"One drop has changed everything. I can feel like a human and not spend endless hours creating graphics!!"
- Ashlee, dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

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