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Red light or Green light in your doTERRA Business? You Choose! 🚦

In most areas, news is that social distancing isn’t going away anytime soon. If you just realized that your business needs to go virtual … let’s help you pivot!
Building your business online may not be in your comfort zone, but with the right mindset, tools and resources, you’ll be succeeding online like a professional in no time!

First, let’s evaluate your mindset.

We are all facing the same daily decision when it comes to running our businesses: Pump the brakes … or hit the gas. That decision starts with the story you are telling yourself and the energy you are putting out to your team. We are seeing people take two very distinct paths based on their mindset around these new common circumstances ...

These are the people who look at this pandemic as the “reason” they have been unconsciously searching for ... a reason to pump the breaks on their business. They tell themselves a story that “because of these circumstances, I can’t connect, teach, and enroll ... so I am unable to successfully build and grow my business.”

They will allow fear to take over, and in essence, crumble their business and any faith present in their team.

People telling this internal story know that the world needs these oils and natural options now more than ever. They see the challenges facing everyone else and recognize HOW BLESSED they are to have a home-based business that can still thrive in a locked down environment. Green light mindsets are willing to try new things they have never done. They’re not afraid to make mistakes. They find new ways to connect to their customers and their leaders.

They have faith and see this as an incredible opportunity to take their business virtual, show up and serve people who are desperately looking for hope and healing.

Not quite sure which story you are telling yourself?

Simple – look at your actions.

Are you working harder and smarter to adapt to the new opportunities to connect with everyone at home, focused on their health (hitting the gas)? … OR … have you pulled back, silently hoping things return back to “normal” soon so you can try to pick things back up again then (hitting the brakes)?

It’s time we collectively SHIFT our mindset to seeing these circumstances as a huge opportunity to help others find wellness and become advocates for their own healthy IN THEIR OWN HOMES. There’s never been a better time to be in this business, we have a captive (literally) audience and the world’s focus is on staying healthy.

Next, let's look at your tools and resources.

Your audience may be "captive" right now, but you're competing with A LOT of noise in their feed. Making connections virtually requires engaging, eye-catching content that gets people to STOP and want to learn more. 

But what if you don't have the creative skillset to make beautiful images that get you to stand out online?

This is where a One Drop account makes all the difference.

"What. A. Lifesaver!!!

Instead of spending hours and hours trying to find, or attempt to make graphics, there [are] tons to choose from with loads of great info. This month has been the most volume I have ever had, and I’m going to hit a new rank by months end.

Thank you so much for One Drop🙏You uplevelled my business, while simultaneously making my job easier!! 💜"

- Sammi Ryan, dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

One Drop helps you look like a pro, and no one will know the better.

All of the top leaders in dōTERRA are leveraging One Drop because it is the only tool that offers this much value at such a low price. Plus, it's a business write-off for most leaders, making it a smart business investment too!

Save your valuable time and leverage your output with One Drop.

It's time to pivot and take action!

The ones who ADAPT and put the work in now will see massive ripple effects in their business over the next 6+ months ... just watch!

Let One Drop be your catalyst into the next chapter of your business!
With an incredible library that grows daily (over 48,513 items!), building a doTERRA business online has never been easier. Save time and succeed faster. That’s the power of One Drop.

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