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Need a little help with content planning?

Let's chat about Content Planning.

If you have been supporting your customers and prospects online you've probably heard about having a content plan. If you are deer-in-the-headlights right now, I got you.

Creating a content plan is a great way to have consistency with your posts (whether on Instagram, Facebook, inside your Facebook Groups, or even your newsletters.

How awesome would it be if you woke up and didn't have to say "what do I post today"?

What can a content planner do for you? 
  • Alleviate the stress of creating posts in your Facebook groups and on Instagram every single day
  • Help you plan ahead and batch your content in a structured way that builds engagement
  • Create consistent momentum in your business by educating your customers and prospects

How do I set up my content?

  1. Theme your monthly education. (i.e. April is for Allergies and Spring)
  2. Set which days you plan to go live to teach about the month's education topic. Make sure you schedule your posts to "advertise" the event in the group.
  3. Set what days want to create educational, engagement, or sales posts. (i.e. Promos are on the first day of each month, POM reminder post on the 15th, final chance to get PROMO last day of the month).
  4. Sprinkle in "engagement" posts to get feedback and be social with your following and customers.
  5. Be yourself. If you are writing "like ya talk" in your content, your customers and audience are able to hear your voice when they read it.

Grab your planner here!

Be sure to check out next week's newsletter, we are diving deep into "what do I write about?".

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