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*Only Read If You Have Personal Enrollments

Let One Drop change the game for 2022

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is how do I keep a strong connection with my customers after they have enrolled? We all want our customers to USE their oils and love them just as much as we do, right!?
Doing some type of connection call, wellness consult, or membership overview with our new members is important ... but these don't always happen due to schedules or just the "busyness" of life.
We have a SUPER SIMPLE solution for you.
Our January Content Calendar has launched and it is a Membership Overview in a digital drip format! 😍😍😍

Use this Content Calendar to onboard your customers in lots of ways!

✅ Facebook Group (Set up guides after you run it once, set it and forget it)
✅ Text Message Campaign (grab your graphic and shorten the text a bit)
✅ Email Sequence (condense a few days into one email and create an expansive welcome email series that digitally onboards your new customers)
✅ Create a new member Facebook Class or private IG community page

Grab this to keep your education fun, consistent, and engaging!

This Content Calendar specifically highlights HOW your customers can maximize their dōTERRA membership through ...

🔥 Understanding the dōTERRA Wellness Pyramid
🔥 Building the foundation of a healthy body
🔥 Creating a daily healthy habit plan
🔥 Incorporating whole foods and movement
🔥 Oils and products for rest and stress
🔥 Reducing your toxic load room by room
🔥 Discovering Targeted Wellness

This calendar contains 31+ days of pre-written text to make all of this EASY and ENGAGING!
Watch this 4-minute video to learn about January's Calendar:
"Membership Overview Digital Drip"

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