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Meet your new Content Calendar [JUST RELEASED]

Our February Content Calendar just launched and we made it SUPER easy to educate on the mind-body connection using doTERRA Essential Oils!🤸‍♀️🧠 

This content calendar shows your customers how they can incorporate their essential oils to understand the power of their mind + body, and how to be empowered... no matter what emotions they are feeling!

This month's Content Calendar teaches...

⚡ How emotion can elicit a physical response
⚡ How to recognize physical responses due to emotions
⚡ Understanding root emotions
⚡ Targeting each root emotion and their physical indicators
⚡ How to incorporate essential oils and journaling to understand your own core emotions

We make it EASY to educate on all of this and more!

Grab this now to keep your education fun, consistent, and engaging ALL MONTH LONG!

This Content Calendar specifically highlights how your customers can maximize their dōTERRA membership through ...

✔ Tuning into your body’s emotional physical indicators
✔ Understanding associated and root emotions
✔ Breaking down each root emotion and their physical embodiments
✔ Essential Oils for each root emotion
✔ A journal prompt and diffuser blend for each root emotion
✔  BONUS: Oil users FAVORITE accessories for oils & emotions


This calendar contains 31+ days of pre-written text to make all of this EASY and ENGAGING!
Watch this 5-minute video to learn about February's Calendar:
"Body/ Mind Connection with Essential Oils"

It's time. You are ready. You are Worth it!

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