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Maximize Facebook to generate more leads and boost retention

Facebook groups are still one of the most powerful (and FREE) tools you can utilize for your doTERRA business. In fact, Facebook Groups engagement is actually increasing because your feed is set up to include more group interactions than friends (giving you more organic reach).

Facebook Groups:

🌎 Create community

πŸ“ˆ Generate Leads

πŸ’― Nurture loyal customers

πŸ€“ Filled with analytics so you can see what your community loves to learn about (and what they don't)

Not only are Facebook Groups a great way to generate and nurture new leads, onboard new customers and builders, consistently educate and engage and boost LRP retention, but it's a prime spot to introduce current customers to the business side.

This Masterclass covers:

βœ… How to set up your Facebook group for success

βœ… Facebook engagement golden rules

βœ… Systems for Facebook Groups (including onboarding for new customers)

βœ… Maximizing Facebook group attraction (AKA get more leads)

βœ… Creating your weekly success plan

Unless you're already utilizing your Facebook Group to boost retention and generate new leads...

You won't want to miss this!

Let's create a Collection.

πŸ‘‰ What exactly is a Collection? Imagine having the power of Pinterest but on One Drop.

A Collection allows you to organize your favorite items on boards. It's now super simple to save and find your ideas, group items for future postingorganize items for upcoming projects, and more! And you can even SHARE your Collection links with anyone!

To create, edit, and share a Collection, you just need is an Unlimited Plan (Monthly or Annual). You can create unlimited collections, share them with your teams, and keep your business organized.

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