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“I love wasting time!” (said no one ever)

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Keeping things simple usually works best. This is especially true when it comes to supporting your community to actually USE their doTERRA oils (so they want to buy more!)

The formula for success is very simple:

πŸ“– Educate your customers to use the oils they already have.

πŸ’‘ Help them feel empowered by seeing how easy and powerful their oils are to use.

βœ… Challenge them to make their favorite roller bottle blend for a friend ... *Hello there new sharer!*

Simple, right? What if you could do this on AUTOPILOT?

With September's Content Calendar, you'll easily share roller blends with eye-catching graphics and engaging copy that does the work for you! Jump in and grab our September content calendar and set your business up for SUCCESS before next month even starts.

Leverage this Content Calendar to quickly and easily show up consistently for your community this month!
πŸ‘‰ Save time πŸ‘‰Educate your customers πŸ‘‰Create engagement
This Content Calendar focuses on...
βœ… Safety first
βœ… Benefits of Topical use
βœ… Simple dilutions
βœ… Top physical support blends
βœ… Highlights on top kids blends
βœ… Fun emotional blends
This calendar contains 31+ days of pre-written text to make all of this EASY and ENGAGING!
Watch this 5-minute video to learn about September's User Calendar:
"Top Rollerball Blends"

PS... It's your time to get a One Drop membership!

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