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How to Close Your Classes with dōTERRA’s New + Updated Enrollment Kits

You may have had your close down to a science.  But now with all of the tweaks dōTERRA just made to their enrollment kits, you need to pivot to show your new customers exactly which starter collection is BEST for their needs.

One Drop has always provided the right tools, now let's help you make sure you have the right strategy for these new changes.

Being confident in how you present is key. The goal of presenting the enrollment kits is to:

  1. Understand who you are talking to and their pain points
  2. Showcase how the oils can solve their problem
  3. Walk them through their options to get started

Let’s break down how to present the new kits and a simple close you can use with each one: 

"The Opening" to the close in your class:

Since you just learned all about how these oils can impact your life, I want to show you how to get them into your home so you can see this firsthand. 

You can purchase retail, but that is the most expensive way to get the oils you want into your home. My customers love to get wholesale pricing through a wholesale membership, similar to a Costco membership. There are never any requirements to buy monthly or sell, just a ton of perks if you ever do decide to! 

When you opt in to your wholesale access you can select from one of our top starter kit bundles that are not only discounted even deeper but give you your wholesale access for the year for free! 

Now I know we talked about your (enter issues here) today and we touched on specific oils that would fit your needs so let me show you your options with our bundles.

"The first kit is our "mini kit" called the Healthy Start Kit. This kit is what I consider a sampler kit of the oils we reviewed today during our class. These bottles have about 80 drops each plus a diffuser to help get your toes wet with essential oils."

{Check out these items in the One Drop library to help you talk about the Healthy Start kit}

"The second kit is our "mid-level" kit, the Home Essentials Kit. This kit comes with the bigger bottles plus a diffuser and provides a variety of oils for physical, emotional, and mental support. These bottles each have 250 drops and will last you months (some years!)"

{Check out all of the Home Essentials items in the One Drop library}

"The next kit is our Aroma Essentials Kit. This incredible kit is perfect for the essential oil newbie that wants to experience what it is like to transform a room with incredible aromas. Each oil in this kit has about 80 drops and focuses on your mood and physical state."

{View Aroma Essentials items in the One Drop library}

"The final kit is our largest kit, called the Natural Solutions Kit (Nature's Solutions Collection in Canada). This kit not only includes our top oils perfect for starting your collection, but also the foundational, non-toxic household items to get you started on your low-tox lifestyle. This is perfect for the person who wants to overhaul their lifestyle completely."

{Grab these Natural Solutions (US) and Nature's Solutions (Canada) items from the One Drop library}

Closing your classes with confidence has never been easier than with the newly updated Virtual Master Class Toolkit:


The Master Class Toolkit is hands-down the most beautiful, engaging and streamlined virtual class you will find. It solves common virtual class concerns through intelligent design, intentional visual learning experiences, and proven sales processes that ensure everyone is paying attention and engaged from start to finish. It enables them to INTERACT in new and creative ways. It makes you look like a PRO. And when you go through it, you’ll feel like one too.

Best of all, the Master Class Toolkit has been updated to include all 2021 kit updates! (US market). 

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