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The new tool that gets all the likes

Have you discovered how easy it is to use our Content Calendar for your doTERRA Business?

Our content calendars have over 16+ pages of done-for-you copy (our special Holiday Gift Guide has over 24 pages! 😉).

Why do members leave comments like this? 👇

"OMG, YES! This was BEYOND amazing! And, my customers are excited (especially the newer folks who have a TON to learn!) Thank you for doing this, I look forward to more content like this. So, very, very, very, much appreciated!"

It's because...

✅ The whole month is themed and filled with educational content

✅ The copy is written "like ya talk"

✅ It is built for engagement

✅ We did the heavy lifting and deliver up to 5 options per post of graphics and images ready to download and watermark

But how do I use it?🤔 

Step 1. Login into One Drop Designs and download your content calendar 👇👇

Step 2. Open the Google Doc Content Calendar (all the goodness is right inside!)

Step 4. Upload your watermarked images and copy and paste the written content and schedule your whole month using Facebook Creator, dōTERRA Social scheduler, or your scheduler of choice!

We have exciting news coming! 🎉

Make sure to download your November Content Calendars soon! ⏰ This is the last time the content calendar is available this way!

🎉 One Drop Subscriber GIVEAWAY! 🎉

We need your help! 

Are you a One Drop Subscriber who loves sharing One Drop with others? November 9th through November 13th we are giving away one Annual Membership each day to 5 lucky subscribers!

How do I enter?

Like everything else with One Drop, it's easy!

📱 Record a video on your phone (30 seconds or less), and tell us what your business was like before One Drop, what happened when you started using One Drop, and how your business has changed!

✨ Submit your video here:

Please make sure you submit your video no later than November 12th (the earlier the more chances you have to win).

That's it! We will start drawing a winner each day from November 9th-13th!

Good luck! Thank you for being the best part of One Drop!

"The Content Calendar was AH-MAY-ZING🎉 THANK YOU from a homeschooling mama of 2- active toddler and baby. BLESS you for doing that. YES PLZ more would be so Appreciated!"
- Albina K., dōTERRA Wellness Advocate
"Yes, more please! The Content calendar is wonderful. I struggle greatly with not only ideas, but with compliant wording and having this from One Drop is extremely helpful!"
- Janet P., dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

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