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3 gifts that will radically change your business ?

November is historically our BIGGEST month of the year.

✅ Holiday items launch.

✅ We generally have had BOGOs every November( least for the last 11 years 😉)

 The most rank advancements company-wide in one month also happened in, you guessed it, November.

How can One Drop make it easier for you to have an incredible month?

We pulled out all the stops and created a 24+ page HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE content calendar with done-for-you copy to share with your customers. Not only does this calendar include all of the new Holiday Products that are launching November 2nd, but DIYs, activities, and each day has a bonus Gift Guide Idea for your customers for every budget and every person on their list.

Oh, we included some great ways to book classes this month too!

Building a dōTERRA business? Don't worry, we didn't forget about you! Mindset is a huge part of success. Ask anyone who has hit a big goal or rank, and they will say that daily personal development and working on their mindset was the biggest part of their success. We have a 16-page content calendar and daily copy for you and your team to build your mindset as you push toward your big goals.

We have had so many leaders request to have the option to GIFT a One Drop subscription to their leaders/sharers to help launch their business or to use as an incentive for their business builders. So in true One Drop fashion, we made this SUPER SIMPLE for you to give a gift that will fuel your leaders forward. 

How this works:
1. Log into your One Drop account, hover over "Love One Drop" and a drop-down menu will open. Click on "Gift Memberships"
2. Type in your leader's fist name, last name, and email address. Select the plan you want to pay for (monthly - how many months, or annual) 
*Don't worry we won't store your credit card on their account!
3. Track your gifts! Yep, we made sure you can see when your members activate their gift from you and if for any reason they don't activate it you have the ability to reassign it to a new leader.

You probably know this already, but the gift of One Drop is a business expense for you and a gift that will help your leader share their love of dōTERRA with ease! 

🎉 One Drop Subscriber GIVEAWAY! 🎉

We need your help! 

Are you a One Drop Subscriber who loves sharing One Drop with others? November 9th through November 13th we are giving away one Annual Membership each day to 5 lucky subscribers!

How do I enter?

Like everything else with One Drop, it's easy!

📱 Record a video on your phone (30 seconds or less), and tell us what your business was like before One Drop, what happened when you started using One Drop, and how your business has changed!

✨ Submit your video here:

Please make sure you submit your video no later than November 12th (the earlier the more chances you have to win).

That's it! We will start drawing a winner each day from November 9th-13th!

Good luck! Thank you for being the best part of One Drop!

"Huge timesaver as always, I work a day job so One Drop saved me a ton of time which I could then use for income-producing activities."
- JC L., dōTERRA Wellness Advocate
"One drop made working my dōTERRA business and my full-time jobs SO much easier."
- Dana H., dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

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