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The 5 steps to making dōTERRA easy 😍

This business is actually pretty simple when you break it down to the fundamentals. We make a list of contacts, we give them an experience with the oils, we educate them on the very basics of how these oils will change their life, we help them get oils into their home by enrolling, and we support them as they are living this lifestyle.

Rinse and repeat.
So if it's this simple, why do some people hit the ground running only to gas out after a few months? Or why do some people never really take off?

So let’s map out a SIMPLE plan together, k?

Have you sat down and brain dumped your list of contacts? You know so many more people than you give yourself credit for. If you haven’t created a names list, do it. Already done this? Great! Do it again! Your list has likely changed since last time and this exercise is important because it’s step #1 of your plan. 
There are millions of people in this world, but more importantly: there are thousands of people waiting just for you (yes, YOU!) to show up. They want you to lead them on their personal wellness journey. Use this to help "jog" your memory of who you know, and tools like these from One Drop to make it easy:

It's time to take yourself out of the equation. This is actually not about you. It is truly about helping others to change their lives. Make your list and take the time to rate everyone on your list, then start with the higher rated people. 

If you want to get people to your workshops, events or classes, they’ll need a compelling reason to show up. Now most of your friends + family + coworkers (“warm market”) will come because they already know, like and trust you. But what happens after the first few months when you have worked through the larger part of your warm market?
The momentum can slow … and you might start to question if you can really do this as a business.
If you’re already feeling this lull … don’t worry! That's why we’re here.

The SOLUTION: Commit to sample two new people each day. Just two people. How do you do this? Become hyper aware of other’s needs. Ask questions, then listen as people complain. Your job is to simply help them with a pain point in their life, and connect them to the same oils that have helped you.

Through sampling people, you let the oils do the work BEFORE your contact comes to a class or an event. This puts you in a position where you are not trying to convince anyone of anything.  They will have already had an incredible experience and will be far more interested to come and learn more.
Are you following the method to this madness?

Click here for a collection of 21 items to help you with Step 2:

We are a company of education. This starts in a class or workshop setting (in person or online), or one-on-one with your contacts. The method or style of these can be as varied as the unique personalities of each Wellness Advocate that teaches them. Regardless of what works best for you, you have to teach! Teaching is the bread and butter of your business. When you give people a mind blowing experience with the oils, it should always be followed up with an invite to your next event.
Commit to scheduling a consistent class each week and you’ll be ready to help everyone from Step 2 continue on their personal wellness path with you.

Check out this collection of 38 items related to teaching and educating:

Don’t be afraid of this step! It may surprise you, but people wait for direction. They actually want YOU to recommend how to get started. All you need to do is go through their top 3 pain points they are looking to solve with oils. You’ll need to understand what is in each starter kit and know why one kit is better for certain needs than others. Then simply recommend the best option for their needs and show why it makes the most sense for them. Finish with an excited confidence and expect to get them set up right there.
Now this is where most people miss out on the #1 way to tap into powerful momentum. If you are not offering to teach a class for those at your event, you are letting money walk right out the door.
How to ask people to host?  Offer a perk! People LOVE free stuff.
Many Wellness Advocates are finding success by offering the sample keychain (empty) as a perk for someone hosting an event. Then, with every qualified person they get to their event, they get to fill a vial in the keychain with oils to carry with them. Find a perk that gets people excited and that works for you!

When you tap into other people’s warm market, you NEVER run out of contacts. Are you with me?

Check out this collection of 35 items to help people get started:

Showing up and supporting your community is what will lock in your residual income. This is the reason why we are in a network marketing model. This business isn’t just about the one sale, it is about continually guiding people to their next step, helping them their solve wellness concerns and become empowered along the way.
Before One Drop, the task of ongoing education felt daunting. Some leaders struggled to find time or the ideas to engage and continually stay in front of their community.
Luckily for all of us, we can now simply hop into the One Drop library and in seconds, download beautiful items that keep our community engaged, find incredible ready-to-go campaigns, print out class guides and worksheets, run ongoing education, or even just browse the library to get inspired ideas! Give it a try:

Keeping things simple helps you stay engaged in your business and enjoy the process long after your warm market starts using the oils with you.
One Drop is all about making your life simple.

With an incredible library that grows daily (there are nearly 48,513 unique items in there already!), building a doTERRA business has never been easier. Save time and succeed faster without compromising. That’s the power of One Drop.

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"With my kids, homeschool, and running a business, life can get hectic, and not having to worry about my posts was such a weight lifted. You have my immense gratitude and thanks! I am thankful to be a small part of such a wonderful community. 💜"
- Andrea Fleshman, dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

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