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Names List Excel Tracking Sheet - with Allyse Sedivy Rating

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This spreadsheet is an easy way to keep all of your contacts organized and prioritized for success. 

Using Allyse Sedivy's Back to Basics training methodologies, this spreadsheet automatically calculates your contact ratings for you - saving you time and helping you focus on the contacts who have the highest probability of success with oils - and to become builders!

Using this spreadsheet makes it VERY EASY to sort and SEARCH (hit CTRL+F to search) which makes finding contacts a breeze and helps prevent duplicates.

This download is an Excel file. If you don't have Excel, the file will likely open in Google Sheets or Apple Numbers, but I cannot guarantee compatibility.

Please help protect my work by not sharing this download file with other leaders for their use, even if they have their own One Drop membership. Tell everyone to download from here so I can get the correct credit for the downloads! Thank you! 🙏