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My team grew 145% last month Want to know how?!

My team grew 145% last month … Want to know how?!

Let’s be honest, you're here because you are looking for simplification in your business and a road map to getting true results. We get it, because we look for the same things!
But how do you create momentum without feeling like you are pushing a rock up a hill while trying to keep a smile on your face?

Let us show you step by step how simple it can be.

Create an action list of what is working.

You have full permission to toss the things that are not giving you results in your business. Truly! What fires you up and really gets you excited about these products and this business? It is time to look a little deeper into what you LOVE to do with your dōTERRA business … and then spend more time doing that! Pull out a pen and paper and start writing this out, right now!

Do the “scary things” first.

We all have those people or those conversations that we aren’t jumping up and down to have, but babe, guess what!? The worst part of this business is someone tells you no. Yep. That’s it. No big deal! So rip the band-aid off first, and check off your chicken list first in your day. The more comfortable you get doing this, the more results you will get!

Decide success is YOURS.

Ugh. Sounds so simple, yet this is probably the biggest hurdle we see stop people at a certain point in their businesses.

We can’t stress enough the importance of mindset training and how this one daily habit will dramatically change everything. This piece is a marathon, not a sprint. If you are not spending at least 20 minutes every day on getting your mindset into the right place, you may as well toss it in the garbage. 

Sound bold? Maybe. Too simple? Nope. This is the common theme in our teams that are growing and rank advancing. Stop over-complicating things and start here.Consistently successful leaders know the power of keeping these steps as a foundation in their daily habits.

Now how can One Drop layer into this?

Clearing your "brainspace" ...

Stop the brain-drain! 

When you are concerned about ... taking pictures, photo editing, creating graphics, coming up with content to share, and scrambling with ‘surprise’ dōTERRA promos … you are sucking a major part of your brainspace away from the things that actually move the needle forward in your business. 

Let One Drop help you keep engagement high in your groups, make your brand look polished and professional, help you increase volume, and keep you consistent showing up virtually ... with just a few clicks! 

We got you! Just take a look at what happened with a few members who leveraged One Drop this past BOGO round ...

It absolutely was a massive help around homeschooling and my part time job I advanced 2 ranks! so grateful to the team at One Drop and all the hours less stress and was able to be more available to my team.
- Rebecca Smith
This was my first bogo with One Drop and I am absolutely loving it!! I also planned out all my posts for July ahead of time for the first time and there was so much great content. Wish I had joined sooner #gamechanger
- Kendra Watson
I waited and waited to get One Drop and thought I could make my own and just grab images I needed from doTERRA and such and I was soooo wrong! This was so easy, 30 min. each morning and I had all I needed for the whole day and every post! I have been asked where I get my beautiful graphics a few times and I tell them that I FINALLY invested in my business and it was soooo worth it!!
- Kristina Visser
Being able to use one drop for every single BOGO image, as well as inspiration for posts saved hours of work and brain strain. We managed to get all the posts scheduled in an evening and then could relax and focus on engaging with and supporting our customers without worrying about what to post. Doubled our volume too!
- Hannah Cairns
Yes!!!! I signed up for the yearly membership this month right before BOGO week and I totally rocked my social media engagement. I also used the Google doc ideas and created a google doc to send to my customers daily with BOGO info. I got 7 enrollments this month and I rank advanced to premier! Love, love, love this service! Thank you!
- Florencia Razzari-Karon

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