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Let’s face the 🐘 in the room {together}

We're friends right? So it’s cool if we talk about the elephant in the room? 

And by elephant, we mean YOUR dōTERRA BUSINESS. 

Ask yourself honestly, is it ... pick one 👇

Tough question? (We'll be asking a lot in here so brace yourself!)

So what is the difference between someone who is THRIVING, rank advancing and enrolling right now … and someone who feels like their business is stuck or even unraveling?

"As I watched part of my organization SKYROCKET last month with a new 💎 Blue Diamond who got 35 personal enrollments all virtually, I found myself studying what worked for her, and I want to give you the key things I observed that have made all the difference."  -Keeli

Leading with a plan, intention, and the right mindset. 

These things may each feel complex or multifaceted, but the most important piece of this is that first word: LEADING. 

👉 YOU. HAVE. TO. LEAD. If you want people to follow. 

True leaders don't just teach a few 101 classes and hope for the best. Instead, they do the RIGHT THINGS in their business that have long term impacts. They start each month with a plan. They leverage their time, focusing on the true income producing activities. They show up consistently. They educate with purpose. They inspire their customers and leaders ...

If you're paying attention ... these 👆 critical things are EXACTLY why One Drop created the monthly Content Calendars! 

Now more than ever, Content Calendars are a powerful solution in your business 

Be inspired to inspire others.

Ask yourself ... 🤔 What inspires you about the dōTERRA lifestyle? Is it nutrition? Wellness? Emotional Health? Non-Toxic Living? Are YOU using your oils daily? Have you scheduled your business on your calendar ... or are you just hoping to fit it in? (notice the intention there) What are you feeding your mind? Are you surrounding yourself with high achievers or negative Nancy's ...

This. Is. Important.

Your business is a direct reflection of your mindset.

If other people are thriving in this business right now, what story do you think they are telling themselves?

Our world is virtual and will be long after COVID fades. Don't stress! You can completely embrace this even if you did not originally build your business this way. 

Say it:  "I CAN THRIVE in the virtual arena!"  ← repeat 10X a day!

Do you realize how much you can leverage your time and influence when you are showing up virtually? Just think about it. Say you have 100 people in your online audience that are seeing your content. How many classes would you have to teach in person to get in front of that same number of people??

There are huge silver linings to the virtual pivot.

Check out these and 315 other options on One Drop to help you Make the Pivot

When you are only halfway in your business, you only get halfway results. #itstrue

It may seem obvious, but a lack of focus can become a downward spiral where minimal effort is a breeding zone for minimal results … slowly producing a doubtful mindset … further accelerating the spiral.

Have you felt this in your business?👉

The solution? Get in your heart, get laser focused, get consistent! 

Ask yourself ... 🤔 Are you inspired by YOU? Do you love the work you get to do? If you need a jolt in your connection to your business, think about what your life would look like if we took away ALL your oils and doTERRA products for a year. How would you feel? (you would probably be mad at us right?) THAT 😭😭 feeling. The "No! I NEED dōTERRA in my life" feeling. It’s something your future customers will feel too, and they are waiting on YOU to show up and lead them to a healthier lifestyle. 

We encourage you to MAKE A PLAN to get consistent daily. This can be as simple as a few minutes to post online, document your lifestyle in your stories, and jump in and teach a streaming class weekly. 

Grab these cool items on One Drop to make planning EASY

The truth is that staying heart-centered, grateful, courageous, and taking consistent action will always pave the path to your next incredible customer, leader and rank!

Our members are OBSESSED with One Drop 😍

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