Resources   >>  Introducing the Limited Plan: One Drop is now affordable for all! 😍

Introducing the Limited Plan: One Drop is now affordable for all! 😍

The wait is over.

Introducing the new, affordable-for-everyone plan on One Drop.

At One Drop, we believe every builder deserves access to the best dōTERRA resources, regardless of their rank. So our team spent nearly a year conducting surveys, testing ideas, and listening to YOUR feedback. The result? A new, more affordable way to use One Drop. 

Meet the all new Limited Plan

50,362+ dōTERRA items

The best photos, graphics, tools, marketing and dōTERRA business resources. And hundreds of new items added each month. All at your fingertips.

Only $10 per month

At this low price, you can’t afford to NOT have One Drop in your dōTERRA business!

Plus, One Drop is an easy business write-off for most builders.

Choose up to 5 items every month

Select from over 50,362 items and download any time throughout the month. Download credits reset automatically on the first day each month.

If you’ve been on the sidelines, wishing there was a less expensive plan that fits your budget, this is what you’ve been waiting for. Sign up today, and building your dōTERRA business will be easier than ever before!

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