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More enrollments? Higher engagement? Yes please!

More enrollments? Higher engagement? Yes please!

It’s no surprise that One Drop’s #1 download is promo graphics. Everything from Facebook group covers and ready-for-you IG stories, to product photos and social media postsand more. The new One Drop content at the first of the month is amazing at creating customer awareness and engagement.

But beyond this, did you know the One Drop library
now has over 48,513 dōTERRA items??

We all went from desperately needing high quality dōTERRA images, to now having access to the largest library of dōTERRA marketing and business resources anywhere in the world … with HUNDREDS of new items added in each week. And it’s all at your fingertips!

So how do you use this incredible library to its full potential in your dōTERRA business?

Let’s look at how simple this is.

First, choose a style that most sounds like you:

The Planners. These subscribers come into the library, outline what they want to share for the week or the month, create a Collection and save/organize everything they need in one session. They love to use apps like Plann, Planoly, Buffer, or Later to map out their social media posts, and batch their content out before the week starts. Planners tend to enjoy less pressure throughout the week as their posts roll out automatically after they’ve set things up. Does this sound like you? (or how you want to be?!)

The Inspired Posters: These subscribers love to create Collections on One Drop full of their favorite dōTERRA photos, graphics, or content that they love, but wait until they are feeling “called” to post something specific for their audience. When inspiration hits, these free birds then tap into their Collections, or quickly jump into the search bar on One Drop to find exactly what they need in the moment. These subscribers find that by being present and sensing the real time needs of their community, it helps them connect more authentically and increase engagement. Does this sound more like you?

The great thing about One Drop is … it’s perfect for both types!

Now, it’s easy to get stuck in your business. We all feel the lulls, not sure what to do next. But just like sharing dōTERRA essential oils ...

One Drop truly can change everything.

Jump into the One Drop library and simply scroll through the popular content in the different Categories and you’ll be inspired in no time.

Here are some ideas to get your wheels turning throughout the month …  

  • Have you ever sent a pregnancy eBook to your prego friends?
  • Have you started a 7-day challenge with LLV or other products in your education group?
  • Have you printed your own sampling cards?
  • Have you REALLY used your One Drop account to become the CEO of your business like we always talk about?

There is so much more in the library that you may have missed!

How often do you have an idea hit you … “This would be AMAZING!”

But not everyone is a photographer or designer, and hiring a professional can cost hundreds for a single project.

This is where One Drop truly excels.

Rather than attempt it yourself (wasting precious time in the process), simply use our “Request an Item” form to inspire our talented Contributors on what they create next! It’s like having a TEAM on your side, ready to help convert your good ideas into reality. That’s powerful!

Remember that building your business should feel fun, light, exciting, easy and empowering.

One Drop truly makes this possible by opening the door to more conversations and higher customer engagement ... with less work.

If you are spending any of your precious time or brain power trying to create a beautiful photo, graphic, or tool for your dōTERRA business … turn to One Drop and start putting that energy into the other areas of your business that truly make a difference to your bottom line.

You’re the CEO. Your time is worth it babe.

Exciting news ...

Later today we’ll be sending you another email announcing something very exciting that makes One Drop affordable for every leader. If you’ve been on the sidelines, wishing there was a less expensive plan that fits your budget, today is the day you’ve been waiting for!

Can’t wait for our official email announcement? Check out the new “Limited Plan” here:

"This was hands down the best decision I’ve made for my business. This has saved me so much time and simplified things for me. Allowing me to make connections with people and build my business, instead of sitting behind my camera. Love it!!! ❣️
- Jenn Urban, dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

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