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GROW your dōTERRA business, Quarantine style! 😷

Feeling a little overwhelmed with all the COVID-19 chaos? 

Don’t worry – we got you!

We know most of you are staying home, doing your part to prevent the spread of this unexpected virus. Hopefully you are also enjoying spending time with your family and slowing down from the normal hustle of daily life …

But this slowdown doesn’t mean your business needs to slow down! It might just be a little more virtual than it was before!

One Drop truly is your secret weapon to maintaining momentum in your business right now.

With over 49,984+ items, the library is versatile, providing a wide range of ideas and content that you can use to inspire, educate, and empower others. Especially right now, a One Drop account is your most powerful asset in boosting your time and efforts without ever leaving your home.

Ready? Let’s get you inspired to rock this in 3 steps:

Now is the time to get in front of your audience and community!
Thankfully, we have amazing technology at our fingertips to stay connected. Zooms, Facebook Lives, Instagram Lives, Stories, emails, or even pre-recorded videos will be your go-to. These virtual environments are powerful in creating community and connection while everyone is “socially distant” from one another. Get creative on how to leverage technology to bring your community together.

Once you’ve identified the platforms that will work best for you, let’s look at some ideas that can be fun and engaging.

Sometimes, all you need is a good idea.

With nearly 49,984 dōTERRA items in the library ready for you to explore right now, you'll never run out of ideas again! 

A quick search and we easily find these and other well-timed items and resources that will help your customers cope with all of the chaos:

Staying healthy when environmental threats are high ...

Leaning on your oils for emotional support ...

DIY non-toxic projects ...

Other community engagement ...

One Drop is this and SO MUCH MORE. Plus you have over 100 talented professionals that can help bring YOUR good ideas to life! (Login and use the "Request an Item" link at the bottom of any page.)

This is why your One Drop membership is. Worth. Every. Penny.

With a few tweaks, teaching online can be as successful as in person, especially if you have it planned out properly.
Pre-schedule a Zoom or a Facebook Event where people are invited beforehand. Make it feel exclusive! Give perks for attending. Be creative and always harness your One Drop account to help you prepare the supporting class visuals and resources!
Here are a few easy topics to teach on:

Big changes are happening all around us, hopefully for just a short time. But now you see how easy it is to simply pivot in your business, and still thrive with One Drop at your fingertips! Dive in and let's do this, together!

"One Drop was a HUGE time saver. What normally would have taken me an hour to create new graphics took minutes. I’m so very grateful to have this resource in my life. I was on the fence about One Drop in the beginning and wish I would have known then what I do now. I would have jumped in months ago."
- Laura Ricci, doTERRA Wellness Advocate

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