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2019 Convention Insider’s Guide, Part 3

New oils. New products. New kits ...Oh my!

dōTERRA certainly knows how to make us swoon! 😍

The most exciting product announcements will be made at Convention! And as Wellness Advocates, we have the amazing role of sharing all this new information with our leaders, user groups, and potential customers.

3 keys to successful marketing:

  1. Stand out (in a good way)
  2. Make it relevant
  3. Make it timely

dōTERRA always makes the products relevant, so the challenge for most of us is TIME and TALENT.

And that’s why a One Drop subscription is SO valuable.

Instead of spending hours trying to create graphics or take your own photos that look professional, One Drop Contributors do all the hard work for you.

The library will be brimming with NEW product photos, graphics, eBooks, and other marketing items, ready for you to use in fueling your dōTERRA business! And while you’re still at/watching Convention, many Contributors will already be hard at work creating items JUST FOR YOU! That’s powerful!

With 48,513+ items in the library that make you look AMAZING, there’s never been a better time to have a One Drop membership!

One Drop subscribers get complete access to ready-made graphics, gorgeous images, and other momentum building resources for as low as $18.50 a month when paid with our Annual Plan.

✔️ Truly a steal, and worth every penny as you’re able to build momentum in your business faster with One Drop.

As dōTERRA shifts and environments change, your business demands more from you than ever before. You deserve the BEST, and for that – there’s only One Drop.

So don’t wait, snag your membership today so you’re ready for everything that’s coming in September!  

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