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One Drop’s Content Calendars Make Education Easy

doTERRA Petal Diffuser and purify, Hygge, and Abode Blend
doTERRA has poured thousands of hours into their proprietary blends to get the exact combination of aromas and chemical constituents that elicit an incredible full-body response.

Do you know how powerful it is to dive deep into these blends?

How your customers and audience WANT to know what these blends are made of, how they can help with common health concerns, and how to implement them into their everyday life?

While it would be a pain to do on your own, we make it simple, easy, and engaging in our June Content Calendar for only $11! 😮

Introducing June's Content Calendar:
The Brilliance Behind doTERRA's Proprietary Blends

Oh, and we see how much you love the added Reels Audio Suggestions. To make your month even easier, each day has a post with bonus audio suggestions for Reels (time to double up on your content game!)


One Drop Content Calendars are the EASY BUTTON to educate, connect & stay consistent!
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Woman sitting with box of doTERRA Essential Oils

Create educational & engaging posts that build consistency ALL MONTH LONG! (This is KEY to growing your audience!)

This Content Calendar specifically highlights:

Top blend breakdowns
✅Hidden blend hacks
✅ Why certain oils are blended together brilliantly (looking at you DDR Prime)
✅ Bonus blend "dupes"
... and so much more!

Watch this 5-minute video to learn about June's Calendar:

A One Drop membership is the #1 must-have for EVERY Wellness Advocate

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