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Surprise gift! 🎁 3-steps to maximize HOLIDAY ITEMS

Are you ready to see dōTERRAians go crazy?!

Hold on tight because if you have never been through a November Holiday item launch, you may need to brace yourself!

📌Leader Tip: Make Holiday Items as easy and seamless as possible for you and your team by following this exclusive guide from One Drop.

TODAY: Communicate to your team what is launching November 1st and what to expect. This can be a simple email sent out with very clear announcements and instructions.
Creating this may feel time consuming to many of you ... let us help! Use this as a starting point or feel free to simply COPY and PASTE the pre-written email below with important information to your team.
👍 Be sure to first download your favorite holiday graphics from One Drop - then attach them to your email! Click the image for these and other options ready right now:

Can you believe that November is already here!? Me neither!
I want to make sure you are in the know on something special that dōTERRA is launching on November 1st … Holiday Items will be LIVE.
Now you may think you can pop in and browse when it is convenient this month, but let me tell you, dōTERRA people go a little crazy for these limited time items, and I don’t want you to miss out because once they are gone … they are gone.
How to make sure you don’t miss out:
Make your wish list. Click through these attached images to see all the limited time items, remember there is a limit of 4 of each item per account.
Set your alarm. These items will be live first thing in the morning on November 1st. Historically it has been around 7am MST, but to not crash the website dōTERRA never gives us an exact time so try logging in first thing in the morning.
Order through your Loyalty Rewards cart to maximize your perks. You will need to add one item that is not a temporary item in your cart to process your order, but this will allow you to get all your rewards (FREE product points and shipping points) while you do your shopping.
Don’t forget about your friends and family who would love the gift of dōTERRA this year for the holidays!
*Business builders: After you have ordered, make sure you pop back in to your LRP cart and put it back up over 100pv to not miss out on commissions.
These items will all go fast as dōTERRA has knocked it out of the park this year, so set your alarm and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or need any help!
Happy oiling
  1. Go live! If you have a community page, jump into it and share your excitement over these products! Show your community how you plan to give the items as gifts, how you will use these products in your daily routine.
  2. Follow up your Live with social media story and a static post. Feature your favorite items! Create awareness, interest and excitement! Look here 👀 for pre-made graphics that make this easy.

Optional, but a great way to boost engagement and ordering:
Do a HOLIDAY ITEM Raffle. 
Pick one item that you will buy and raffle it off to your social media community as a fun incentive for anyone under your team who orders:

Holiday Spirit Raffle:
I am so excited about these holiday items that I am giving back to you guys who love them too!

It's easy! Everyone who orders any holiday items will get entered to win!

How to Enter:
Post a screenshot showing your order with at least one holiday item below this post.
That’s all, the winner will be selected on November 15th! Ready ... go! 

I subscribed to One Drop just before bogos were announced and it has saved me sooo much time and effort! Thank you so much! I also just downloaded the ebook for bogos and I love that I can add these extra touches for my customers but that don’t take up a week of my time! Thanks!!!
- Kathy McSpadden, doTERRA Wellness Advocate

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