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Share top blends and recipes this month

As Wellness Advocates, it's our job to share:

❤ Roller Blends
❤ Diffuser Blends
❤ Our Favorite Products
❤ Oils we can't live without
🔥 A list of SPICY oils for bedroom fun!

It's the perfect month to educate your community and new members on how they can support their bodies, minds, and emotions with doTERRA through easy blends (and favorite products) they need to use!
✅ This Content Calendar does just that.

September's Content Calendar: Little Black Book of Essentials is going to knock their socks off (we have a NSFW section 😉)

👉 This content calendar breaks down blends that support us everyday, diffuser blends to change our physical & emotional state, the best products doTERRA has to offer (and why), plus some blends for the bedroom.

Get ready to #trend again! We didn't forget about the bonus audio suggestions for Reels. They are hot 🔥!

One Drop Content Calendars are the EASY BUTTON to educate, connect & stay consistent!

Create educational & engaging posts that build consistency ALL MONTH LONG! (This is KEY to growing your audience!)

This Content Calendar specifically highlights:

Staple immunity support
Fall asleep fast products and blends
✅ Bedroom fun blends
✅ Athletic support combos
✅ The top roller and diffuser blends everyone should know how to make... plus so much more!

By POPULAR DEMAND we included a BONUS of Reel Audio Suggestions (psst...they're trending)

Watch this 5-minute video to learn about September's Calendar:
"Little Black Book of Essentials"

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