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Ready to BOGO?

Feeling the BOGO buzz yet? You know, the sense of excitement mixed with the … “mmmkay, where’s my gallon-size coffee mug??”

While 2020 has become synonymous with being crazy difficult, One Drop is making things even easier for you! Here’s how:

First, as you look for ways to make this week a massive boost in your business, the most comprehensive BOGO Success Strategy guide found anywhere in dōTERRA is now posted on One Drop. And best of all, it is free download for you during this BOGO week!

👇 Grab it now and you’ll thank us later for all the nuggets it contains 👇

Next, we just launched a feature that is next level amazing! Not only do members have 46,101+ items in the One Drop library, our team is pre-writing their social content too! It’s the easy button on steroids! (This is kinda like a cheat code for your business, but we won’t tell anyone if you don’t!) Watch how it works.

Nothing can be more time-saving than having all of your BOGO images and now education copy completely DONE. FOR. YOU.

As soon as dōTERRA announces the BOGO of the day, our BOGO Content Calendar will auto-magically update with the day's new copy, and all of our contributors will start linking in their graphics so members can browse through the suggested downloads right there on the same screen.

Just copy (the content), download (the image), watermark and post! ✔️

👇 Check out the BOGO Content Calendar today 👇

Finally, if BOGO deals weren’t amazing enough, also getting a smokin’ deal on One Drop is the crème de la crème. The best deal on the #1 resource for your dōTERRA business. It doesn’t get better than this! (oh and as the end of the year approaches, don’t forget that One Drop is a GREAT business write-off for many Wellness Advocates.)

"One drop has changed everything. I can feel like a human and not spend endless hours creating BOGO graphics!"
- Ashlee M., Wellness Advocate
"One Drop made it so easy! There was so much to choose from that I ended up posting on 4 different platforms. And now I'm excited to send all my customers a Big BOGO Thank You eBook! I had an increase in engagement too! Thank you One Drop!"
- Cathy H., Wellness Advocate
"BOGOs were my first time using OneDrop, and I'm OBSESSED!!! I will never be without a OD subscription now. It saved me so much time! Each time I posted a graphic, my customers commented on how beautiful and professional they were. I know that this drove people to look at my graphics, and to purchase the BOGOs/enrolling!!! Thank you to everyone who contributes, and thank you Keeli for your vision!"
- Summer L., Wellness Advocate
"I LOVE MY ONE DROP SUBSCRIPTION! July was my first month as a subscriber and I used the content calendar to post daily posts in my customer group as well as all the daily BOGO's! Having ALL the AWESOME images, content, and calendar available made my tasks sooooo much EASIER! I've been receiving great feedback from my customers and the images really get their attention! THANK YOU ONE DROP!! Your contributors are AMAZING! I appreciate them working through the wee hours like me so we can get new promo info posted ASAP!"
- Jill A., Wellness Advocate

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