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Quick! Grab these month-end strategies from One Drop 😍

There’s no better way to build momentum in your dōTERRA business than to wrap up the month strong. This quick success guide will help you reverse engineer your rank so September ends with you feeling amazing!

1. Track your volume daily.

Use a rank tracking spreadsheet so you always know where your volume stands. These are extremely helpful at letting you know where to focus your energy because you know how much volume you need on each leg.

Don't have one? Members can download this Rank Tracker Sheet from One Drop using the link below!

Averages for many Builders show that each class brings in around 500pv, so figure out how many classes you (and your leaders) need to teach in the next week to help boost volume in weak areas … and add on 1-2 to help buffer yourself.

2. Connect with your customers, especially the ones under the legs that you are short on

Think of ways to add value into their oil experience. What are their health concerns? What products do they need to try? What additional baby steps can they make in detoxing their home with dōTERRA products?

Resources on One Drop like this below sent via text or email can be incredibly helpful to give your customers ideas on how dōTERRA can be an answer to their needs.

Use the resources on One Drop to inspire you! There are so many amazing items in the library to spark an idea that will help your audience fall in love with a new oil, product, or even jump into LRP for the first time! 

3. Mastermind with your Builder or Sharers

It’s amazing when you start to see Builders and Sharers pop up in your organization.

Put your heads together and get creative around hosting workshops and serving your community. And online classes can be a simple way to educate the masses.

With over 1227 hits on the keyword "class" in the One Drop library you are bound to find something useful that showcases your style!

4. Connect and Teach!

Teaching is the bread and butter of your business stability and growth. You want to be connecting with new people daily. Show them how incredible these oils are and how the oils can alleviate their pain points. Success will come when you focus on helping and serving others. As the quote says "You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want."

Print these class invites, keep them in your purse, and pass them out as you are out and about!

Bonus Tip:

Having a hard time networking? Check out this blog post on How to Network Like a Pro, then take 30 minutes and make a list of 100 ways you can network. 

Watch how creative you get when your brain is focused on this one topic! PS. If you're an introvert, this article might be a help!

This guide contains just a small sampling of the amazing content you'll find on One Drop.

If you have a One Drop membership, be sure to use it so you're maximizing your investment! And if you've been on the fence .... with over 47,476 items in the library and more added in daily, now is the perfect time to get started!

The #1 review we get about One Drop is: "It's worth every penny!"

Wishing you an AMAZING September finish! 

To your success,

Keeli & Brad

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