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Quadruple your content with just one calendar [HINT: Instagram never looked so good…]

Our Instagram Blueprint Content Calendar just launched and we pulled out all the stops to building your doTERRA business on Instagram.

This content calendar was created to infuse more of YOU into your content. Each day will have a post with editable pieces to connect you with your audience, how to turn the post into a Reel, a list of hashtags to use, and a story prompt of the day.

👉 These pieces of content are proven to Connect, Educate, Motivate, Engage, and Convert your followers on the daily! Best of all, you can repurpose this content into your user groups (we're going to show you how).

This Content Calendar Includes:

✅ A daily caption made specifically for Instagram (partially templated to insert your own experiences)
✅ Hashtag Spreadsheet
✅ Multi-platform Content Calendar System
✅ 30+ Reels Ideas with audio
✅ 30+ Story prompts for each day so you can connect and educate your audience

One Drop is the EASY BUTTON to educate, connect & grow on Instagram!
Q: If this Content Calendar is made for Instagram, how do I repurpose this for my Facebook Community?

You can post the copy with your edits from the Content Calendar in your group and there is a BONUS google sheet that includes a 31+ days Facebook Group outline (one for beginner and one for advanced users) and what to post each day or update each day.

Take Instagram by storm by creating educational & engaging posts that build consistency ALL MONTH LONG!

This Content Calendar specifically highlights:

✔ Educational Posts with diffuser blends, skincare, mental health using your doTERRA Oils
✔ Conversion Posts with oils, products, and kits they need to boost LRP and Enrollments
✔ Motivational Posts to introduce people to living a non-toxic lifestyle and how to make money with doTERRA
✔ Connection Posts to they get to know more about YOU (build that know, like, trust factor)
✔ Engagement Posts so you can connect in and get to know your followers
✔ Daily story prompts so you don’t have to think about what to share that day–keeps you consistent
✔ Reels repurposing ideas to help get more eyeballs on your content

This calendar contains 90+ pieces of pre-written text and prompts to make all of this EASY and ENGAGING!
Watch this short video to learn about this month's Content Calendar:
"30 Day Instagram Blueprint"



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