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Love One Drop? We now PAY YOU!! 😍

The top requested feature is here! 

One Drop has quickly become the #1 resource for building a dōTERRA businessWith over 47,476 ready-to-use dōTERRA items and hundreds of new additions every week, it has never been easier to share dōTERRA and educate customers in your own voice and style.

Today, it gets even better!

In a business BUILT on sharing things we love, it only makes sense that YOU get paid when you share your love of One Drop!
Introducing the One Drop Referral Program!

When you refer a friend or fellow Wellness Advocate, and they subscribe with your referral link, you both win! They save on their first payment and you earn cash! We’ll keep track as friends sign up so that it’s easy to see your earnings multiply!

Learn how easy it is:

STEP 1: Share Your Referral Link
Everyone with a One Drop account gets a unique referral link ... even free accounts! (click here to view yours!) Sharing is easy with pre-written emails you can quickly send to your contacts, or simply share your unique link to your team, post on your social, send by text, or email ... or shout it from the rooftops!

STEP 2. Friends Clamor to Sign Up
When your friends and fellow Wellness Advocates use your link to sign up for a One Drop membership, they save 10% on their first payment! Plus, they immediately show up on your Referral Dashboard, where you can track your cash earnings ... or um, friendships. Cheers to your friends and leaders rocking their dōTERRA businesses with One Drop!!

STEP 3. Earn Free Cash
You earn 10% of your referral's first payment back in free cash when your friends and team join One Drop with a paid membership. And they probably will, because One Drop is AMAZING, right??

So share away and start earning today!

One Drop is all about making things easy.

Our Referral Program is no different! Your Referral Dashboard gives you easy methods to share your referral link, 3 pre-written text options you can copy and post, and check out all of the awesome resources our Contributors have put together in the library for you: 

It's time to share your love of One Drop ... and get paid for it!

We’re so excited to thank loyal fans who share the One Drop love with their teams and fellow Wellness Advocates! To learn more about our Referral Program, the rules, and how to find your link, head over to the How it Works page.

Refer and Earn

No need to sign up, you're already set up with your own referral link!  
With a network of other dōTERRA leaders and lots of other Wellness Advocate friends, we can't wait to see how much you earn!

"One drop has been absolutely incredible for me, I am so grateful! I have tried my best to share pictures that I have taken but they just don’t look nearly as good as these professional photos! It’s a game-changer and a time saver, thank you so much! I have a 7 & 5-year-old and a 5 1/2-month-old with very little help. So having these pictures ready on a moment's notice when I have a free minute is perfect for me!!"
- Melinda H., dōTERRA Wellness Advocate
"I am in awe of everything this subscription delivers for me! So many graphics, so much content, so many ways to use this to grow my business! My brain has not stopped thinking of all the ideas and beautiful professional ways I can be sharing all this content to my community! Words cannot express how grateful I am for One Drop... and the best part ... it’s all dōTERRA based."
- Nancy K.,
dōTERRA Wellness Advocate
"If you don’t have one drop, umm you are missing out.. by a lot. Not only that it saves so much time with photos, but it has been such an inspiration to me to show up daily on social media. Lots of topics to choose from when you feel stuck and unsure of what to share. SIGN UP TODAY"
- Jinan N.,
dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

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