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Just in: Your checklist ✔️ to make October BIG! (One Drop)

Are you ready for some incredible momentum this month?

Let's outline how many things are playing in your favor ......

✔️ Mind Blowing Promotions!
When dōTERRA launches a 200pv promotion AND layers brand new oils and products on top, you know it is going to be GREAT month.

The One Drop library is already packed full of graphicsstoriesFacebook covers, and photos to showcase to your customers and audience how they can take advantage of the amazing deals this month from dōTERRA.

✔️ New Products are LIVE!
dōTERRA blew it out of the water with these new products. Each year we don’t think they can outdo themselves, and this year did not disappoint!
Have you had a chance to dive into each new product? If not, let One Drop help you! Our talented Contributors have created everything from standard posts and stories to ebooks and printables ... just for you! See here, lots being added daily!

✔️ The Together Tour
This tour is your opportunity to get your team and potential customers exposed to everything NEW that doTERRA is doing. With over 26 events all throughout the US and Canada these will sell out fast, so make sure to register soon!

Why attend at Post Convention Together Event?
When you purchase a ticket for $15 you get a ticket for yourself and one for a guest! These tickets can be redeemed for the exclusive Together Blend for you and your guest…yep, for just $15!
Each event will also have a product showcase where you can experience the new oils and products, spend an hour learning all about the new products and oils, and you will have an opportunity to shop in a fun dōTERRA swag store.

✔️ Support Your Growing Team
Do you know how simple One Drop makes it to show up and add value for your team?

Follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Create an “on boarding” process.
    Sending out a simple email series can deliver a ton of value that your customer can constantly refer back to without you repeating yourself. #winning  Start with this amazing item on One Drop and most of the work is already done for you!

    Insider tip: Don’t forget to book a “Welcome Call” with all your new members. This is the lifeline of your business. An incredible FREE tool to book these virtually is

  • Step 2: Pick a theme for the month for continuing education.
    Some ideas:
    Oils in the kitchen
    Fall Theme
    Simple education
    …or browse the One Drop library and see what inspires you! There are over 47,476 items in there and growing daily!!
  • Step 3: Keep GROWING your team.
    Teaching an online class can be so simple, especially when the whole class is outlined for you! Here is just a taste of what One Drop has for our subscribers…

Feeling stuck in your business? Stay tuned … Later this month we’ll break down how to PIVOT and see momentum start to build!

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