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Introducing One Drop: Can you say GAME CHANGER?

Let's put an end to bad graphics.

As a Wellness Advocate, you know that sharing just one drop of doTERRA essential oils can change someone's life forever.

But in today's ultra competitive marketing environment, standing out from the crowd and sharing that one drop of essential oils is becoming harder and harder to do. And homemade graphics, bad photos, and ill-suited marketing can have opposite effect than desired, turning people away before a word is ever spoken.

You know firsthand how powerful a network can be.

Founded by Diamond and Presidential Diamond leaders, so do we.

We'll harness thousands of incredible doTERRA marketing resources from the best freelance designers, photographers, and content creators available today. Some call it crowdsourcing. We call it One Drop. 

Accessible and easy.

Facebook was never meant to become an image repository. Yet thousands of Wellness Advocates get frustrated every day as they search through post after post trying to find something that works. Or worse, they re-post someone else's branded content, never truly gaining a voice of their own.

There's a better way coming soon.

One Drop will be hosted on a lightning fast, visual search website that is accessible from any device, anywhere with an internet connection. You'll be able to find exactly what you're looking for quickly and in various styles that fit your unique brand and voice. Unlimited downloads for less than $20 a month.

Did we mention that there will be FREE graphics and photos every month? Kick the tires. Never pay if you don't want to! No strings attached.

Can't wait?

Jump into our Facebook group to get all the updates and have a chance to be selected as a beta user of the One Drop site. Plus, this is where we'll start sharing Facebook cover images and additional valuable graphics before the launch. Join and then add your team!

One last thing.

We need your help. Crowdsourcing works best when there's a big crowd on both ends. We're currently seeking talented designers, photographers and amazing doTERRA content creators to share their talents and be compensated with ongoing earnings from their downloads. 

If someone's name came to mind as you read this, send them this link:

One Drop is coming soon.

Share this email with everyone on your team that needs high quality doTERRA graphics and marketing. Better yet, have them fill out our form here to stay current on the important news and updates:

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