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If nothing changes, nothing changes…

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Are you ready to make 2023 the year that you take your doTERRA business to new heights and achieve the success you've always dreamed of?

Let's break this down into 3 super simple steps to make this year streamlined, fun, and fully aligned with how YOU want to do your business!

Top leaders do these 3 steps every month: 

Top leaders look at their business (and treat their business) like a real business. Network marketing is just a different type of business model. We don't have to worry about sourcing, supply chain, innovating, stock, shipping....doTERRA handles all that! What we get to focus on is Networking with people who would love these oils and Marketing doTERRA (hence the industry name...Network Marketing 😏) so pulse check on how you are doing with these two areas.

Every month there is a constant evaluation of:

βœ… What's working?
βœ… What's not working?
βœ… Where do I get to call in support for my business?
βœ… What do I get to outsource to save me more time?

Answer these questions for yourself, and make consistent shifts as needed. This is your "high level leader mindset" - always checking in and making sure the way you are building your business is in full alignment with your goals and desires.

This is where One Drop comes in - you get to outsource creating content because your time is more valuable.

One Drop was created to save you time while helping YOU stand out. With over 39,000+ eye-catching items to help you educateengage, and entertain your customers and audiences.

There's so much more when you dig into our library!

πŸ’« Done-for-you written content calendars to educate your audience and keep you consistent

πŸ’« Reels and Videos to support your video marketing efforts #areyoutrendingyet
πŸ’«  Newsletters, emails, and text campaigns to hit all your customers how they want to engage with you
πŸ’«  Mini-camps and Workshops to run virtual classes, in-person classes, and Make & Takes
πŸ’«  Systems and tools to run your business easier and more efficiently

Your business gets to be fun, expansive, and run like the incredible business it is. We are cheering you on for your best 2023!

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