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Give Your Customers the Glow They’ve Been Seeking

Jumpstart your January continuing education plan and enjoy the time off through the New Year! πŸŽ‰

Educate your community on getting the glow they have been waiting for by teaching all about healthy skin and hair from the inside out with easy DIYs for all things skin and hair (and non-DIY options for those that aren't quite Martha Stewart πŸ˜‰).

With glowing skin and healthy hair, anyone can look vibrant and beautiful.

Unlocking your inner radiance is easy - you just need to know the right steps. (we got you!)

Ignite your community's journey to glowing skin and luscious hair with our "Get the Glow" Content Calendar. Through simple DIYs or easy swaps, find simple solutions for radiance from within!

This content calendar specifically highlights:

βœ… Educating on the foundation of healthy skin and hair
βœ… Easy to make DIYs for all things skin and hair
βœ… doTERRA product recommendations for the non-DIYer
βœ… Simple everyday healthy skin routine
... plus so much more!

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