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Do these 3 things NOW for a BIG New Year in your doTERRA Business!

As we reach the end of 2019, right now is the perfect time to review … and map out what your BEST 2020 will look like.

But if you’re like us, this can quickly feel overwhelming with everything on your plate😩 Don’t worry – we got you!

Let’s walk through how this planning can be easy and give you clarity into the new year. We'll start by breaking your business down into three categories:

  • What to KEEP.
  • What to DELEGATE.
  • What to TRASH.

Things to KEEP and carry into 2020 are the things that light you up and move your business forward.
Look at the results of how you are spending your time and ask yourself ...

  • Does this bring me joy?
  • Would I do this regardless of being compensated?
  • Am I adding value to other peoples lives?
  • Is this moving me towards my next goal?
  • Does this need my personal touch on it?

If the answer is YES to any of these ... keep it on the list.

Things to DELEGATE ... Oy! Delegation can be HARD. It's easy to be a bit OCD and hate inconveniencing others, but it's important to learn that DONE is better than PERFECT.
When you look to delegate something, you are making a conscious choice to invest in getting your time back. Many people hesitate around this because they worry that the exchange will not be worth the financial investment. The key is having a plan of how you are going to use that time to pour back into your business.
Consider the example of hiring someone to do your family's laundry:
$15/hour x 5 hours per week = $75/week.

Now, let's see some ways that this new time can be used:

  • Teaching an oil class (1 hour), enrolling 3 people with 500pv total ... Earned: $100.
  • Doing 4 membership overviews (2 hours) LRP’s of 150pv and 200pv fire off ... Earned: $70
  • Helping new builder teach her first class (1 hour) she enrolls 800pv, she earns $160 ... you earn $80.
  • Following up for your next class (1 hour), confirm 5 potential customers will be attending. Future earning, unknown.

Do you see how simply outsourcing the basic task of washing, drying, folding and putting laundry away, you have now leveraged your time to build your business in only a way that YOU can? That's the power of delegating!
So what can you delegate? Look for the things that need to be done, but are behind the scenes and/or don’t necessarily need your personal touch.

This is where One Drop has your back.

When you subscribe to One Drop you have officially outsourced ...

A photographer for your social media ...

Graphic design work for your essential oil community ...

A graphic designer creating resources for your classes ...

A professional designer creating your IG stories ...

And SO MUCH MORE. Not to mention you have over 100 talented creatives to custom request anything your heart desires! (Login and use the "Request an Item" link at the bottom of any page.)

This is why your One Drop membership is. Worth. Every. Penny.

Okay, last up ... what needs to get TRASHED?
Babe, what are you dragging along week after week and never truly wanting to jump into?
A few questions to ask yourself ...

  • Does this NEED to be completed?
  • Will this add real value to my business?
  • Does this need to be completed by me, or can I outsource it?
  • Is this something I genuinely want to do, or am I comparing myself to what someone else is doing?
  • If it doesn’t get done, will it have an impact on my business?
  • Is this the best use of my time?

If the overall answer to these questions is NO, trash it. Let it go and open up space for working in your strengths.

If you are ready to dive into your BEST year yet, leverage your time, and have the #1 dōTERRA digital media tool at your fingertips, now is the time to subscribe to One Drop and use your membership as a 2019 write off!

"One Drop was a HUGE time saver. What normally would have taken me an hour to create new graphics took minutes. I’m so very grateful to have this resource in my life. I was on the fence about One Drop in the beginning and wish I would have known then what I do now. I would have jumped in months ago."
- Laura Ricci, doTERRA Wellness Advocate

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