Resources   >>  Collections are here! A new feature you will love ❤️

Collections are here! A new feature you will love ❤️

Let One Drop do the heavy lifting ... again! 

As BOGO week has come to an end and your customers are receiving their orders, right now is the best time to educate them on all of their new and exciting products! One Drop makes this education EASY and has lots of resources ready to help you keep the momentum high in your community!

Fun items like this calendar and this eBook make it so simple to show your customers how to incorporate their new BOGO oils into their daily habits:

Here is a One Drop Collection that dives deep into post BOGO education:

Now, you might be wondering ... what is a Collection?? 

One Drop has become much more than the Google Images of dōTERRA ...

Last month we added in a Pinterest like feature called Collections. Collections allow you to quickly organize your favorite items into boards! It's now super simple to save and find your ideas, group items for future posting, organize items for upcoming projects, and more! And you can even SHARE your Collection links with anyone! 💯

When you introduce people to dōTERRA, they need to know what their options are with enrollment kits. This first Collection highlights over 34 starter kit items from One Drop for you to print for your classes, share on social media + in your stories and more!

Get Started Collection:

Next, after they are enrolled, let’s get them educated with the basics and beyond with ideas from this New Member Education collection:

Anyone with a Monthly or Annual Plan subscription can create and share their own Collections, just like these 3 that Keeli made for this email! You see, Collections are just one more way that One Drop makes your dōTERRA life much, much easier.

Give it a try today and be ready for a chance to win our "Show me your Collection" giveaway on Facebook we'll be doing next month!

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