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Captivating Content Creation Workshop

Do you know the MOST VALUABLE skill with selling anything on social media?

👉 Copywriting.

Hands down, it is knowing how to write engaging, exciting and fun content that your readers actually enjoy consuming. Interestingly though, this skill is rarely talked about, and even more rarely taught.


Our Copywriting Class breaks down the basics of writing engaging, educational, and entertaining copy like a pro. And, it's 100% FREE.

Great content comes down to 3 things

#1: A beautiful graphic or image that is EYE-CATCHING AF

Like these trending items from the One Drop library:

Boring images 🥱 turn away future customers as fast as them flicking their finger to the next post. That's why One Drop was created - so you don't have to be a professional photographer or graphic designer to leverage incredible images on your social media. You look like a doTERRA pro with nearly zero effort!

#2: Content that captivates with a story, or inspires learning

Do you have a great hook that captures the attention of your desired audience? Is it thought provoking? Does it step on their toes? Is it something they want to learn more about?

More importantly, do YOU know how to create this engagement when you're writing content for your posts?

#3: Intentional and effective hashtags 

Did you know: Hashtag performance varies on a DAY TO DAY basis? What works great one day may not work the next.

Psst...hashtags are your traffic drivers that boost visibility to your amazing content.

What does this mean for you?

It means you don’t have to panic about your “engagement” or hashtags (unless you aren’t using them at all). It just means that you need to conduct an objective content audit based on the results you're seeing:

😭 Poor content + Good hashtags = Poor Performance

😭 Poor Content + Poor hashtags = Poor Performance

😍 Good Content + Good Hashtags = Good Performance

🤔 Good Content + Poor Hashtags = Good or Poor Performance

This and so much more is covered in our FREE Workshop: Captivating Content Creation, right in the Facebook group!

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