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BOGOs + a TWIST from doTERRA: 2 reasons to LOVE One Drop! 😍

BOGO week was just announced and dōTERRA put in a fun little twist!

Now you can grab a complete BOGO bundle (includes all 5 BOGOs) as one complete package starting on Monday, or you can still purchase each individual BOGO daily.

👉 Ready for a no stress BOGO experience?

One Drop makes you look polished and professional with just an easy click and download! (Shhh ... we won’t tell anyone your secret! 😉)

With One Drop, you are ALREADY prepped to completely ROCK next week! That’s powerful! Your membership makes BOGOs easy and fun. Don’t believe us? Check out what real customers have said about BOGO week with One Drop down below.

Our current library has over 50,362 dōTERRA items for you to browse, download and educate with. And with the lack of traveling and teaching due to COVID-19, these virtual tools are proving to be extremely valuable to building a dōTERRA business. BOGO week is truly the cherry on top!

We will have hundreds of BOGO graphics, photos, stories, Facebook headers, engagement strategies ready for you to click and download.  

Click here to see BOGO items ready right now!

Looking for an in depth strategy to maximize BOGOs? Click the image below to download our 6 page BOGO success bundle - it's FREE, even if you don't have a paid One Drop membership!

It contains 2 helpful guides:

  • BOGO FAQ guide - 3 pages of commonly asked customer questions!
  • BOGO Success Strategies - Simple, yet powerful steps to take to maximize the amazing BOGO deals in your business. This guide is not tied to a specific date so you can use this over and over every time dōTERRA runs a new BOGO promotion.
Click the image below to download your FREE copy!

Share this email with your builders so they can download their own copy from One Drop.

The beauty of BOGO week is the massive sense of urgency when it comes to snagging up the “deal of the day” within 24 hours (or before it sells out.)

And with what is going on in the world today (including extra stimulus money coming in ...), you will more than likely see many of these BOGOs sell out a lot faster than normal. So it is up to you to make sure your customers, team and leaders know about each BOGO as soon as possible.

Meet that sense of urgency with ease! 

Use your One Drop access to quickly download beautiful graphics and images, then get to posting, texting and sharing. Time is of the essence babe! 

One Drop members don't stress behind their computer trying to create something from scratch, comb through cluttered Facebook groups for amateur graphics, nor will they be using Corporate's stock images that thousands of people will be sharing ...

They will stand out from the crowd.

Walk into next week's BOGOs with confidence and ease, knowing your only role is to show up and educate your team. That's the power of One Drop.

Just a few love notes from actual Wellness Advocate members last BOGO round ...

"Honestly felt so easy to have One Drop! Spent more of my time creating impactful posts - instead of rushing to make a half decent graphic with minimal education. Could easily program posts so I didn’t have to be online the whole day."
- Elise Gerlich
"It felt less stressful I was able to get on and find graphics that fit what I needed. Plus I was able to find graphics that I would have never thought of or had time to make."
- Louise Gull
"I was able to still manage BOGO week when myself, husband and son all got the stomach flu & rank advanced! Thanks One Drop!" 
- Ashley Lardy
"I saw a 50% increase in customer purchases and I signed a new customer during BOGO week. This has been a game changer for my business."
- Kathy Barton
"Normally I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off during BOGO week. 🐔 One Drop allowed me to spend less time creating and more time educating. It was much less stressful this time around and I’m so grateful for that. Seriously, it’s the best investment I have made into my business thus far." 
- Bria Slaney

"What. A. Lifesaver!!! Instead of spending hours and hours trying to find, or attempt to make graphics, by the time I woke up (in EST) there were tons to choose from with loads of great info for each bogo deal. This month has been the most volume I have ever had, and I’m going to hit a new rank by months end.

Thank you so much for One Drop🙏. You uplevelled my business, while simultaneously making my job easier!! 💜"

- Sammi Ryan

Read what everyone is saying about using One Drop during BOGO week here

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