Resources   >>  😏 BOGO week is back, and we have a SURPRISE for you!

😏 BOGO week is back, and we have a SURPRISE for you!

BOGO week and the BOGO box was just announced at Leadership yesterday and WOW doTERRA has completely spoiled us!! BOGO week can be an incredible boost to your business, volume and rank if you have a strategy around it.

BOGO Week moves fast….so let One Drop support you with ALL the details 🎉

Long gone are the days of waking up in the middle of the night, trying to create graphics and write copy on the BOGO of the day.

👉 Now you have One Drop to do all the heavy lifting! 

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Let’s break down everything you need to make this your most successful BOGO yet!

By now you should know that when it comes to creating scroll-stopping, binge-worthy content for your feed, One Drop has you covered in every way.

Kick your week off right with proven strategies to make this BOGO your best one yet!

Grab the BOGO Success Strategies eBook!

The BIGGEST secret to crushing BOGO week is prep!

  1. Announce BOGO week.
  2. Don't forget to text everyone. 
  3. Boost engagement with giveaways using fun and educational engagement posts and have some fun with a few of our favorite BOGO graphics:

Make each day as easy as “copy & paste”!

  1. Prep each morning with our BOGO content calendar.
  2. Copy the text.
  3. Download your image.
  4. Watermark and post!

Then focus on your zone of genius - educating.

But wait… We have an EXTRA SPECIAL SURPRISE for you!

When you buy the March BOGO Content Calendar, you get April’s Content Calendar for FREE! 😲

On March 28th, you will be emailed a unique code for your April Content Calendar that gives you 100% off!

Members like you are OBSESSED with One Drop's Content Calendars 😍

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