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Are BOGOs coming this month? 🤔

Historically in dōTERRA-land, there are two BIG things that happen in November:

  1. Holiday items, and ... 
  2. BOGOs - yep, Buy One, Get One FREE!

Last month we gave you a layered approach on how to maximize the limited time Holiday products with your team and customers.

And there's only 2 weeks left for when BOGOs *COULD happen this month, so ...

We got you.
You now have exclusive FREE access to an amazing BOGO resource just loaded into the One Drop library.

It contains 2 helpful guides:

  • BOGO FAQ guide - 3 pages of commonly asked customer questions! 
  • BOGO Success Strategies - Simple, yet powerful steps to take to maximize the amazing BOGO deals in your business. This guide is not tied to a specific date so you can use this over and over every time dōTERRA runs a new BOGO promotion.
Click the image below to download your FREE copy!

Share this email with your builders so they can download their own copy from One Drop.

So here’s the thing ...
We don’t know if BOGO’s are actually happening. But we do know that if they do happen, our One Drop members have an incredible advantage with 110+ talented graphic designers and photographers working through the night to make sure our members have amazing and beautiful resources each day.

Our members will not be stressing behind their computer trying to create something from scratch, combing through cluttered Facebook groups for amateur graphics, nor will they be using Corporate's stock images that thousands of people will be sharing.

They will stand out from the crowd.

Walk into a week of BOGO’s with confidence and ease, knowing your only role is to show up and educate your team. That's the power of One Drop.

"This website is AMAZING!! It has been a HUGE time saver and I have been amazed at the large amount of inventory as well as the variety of styles making it easy to find what fits me. I LOVE ONE DROP and I cannot thank you guys enough for creating it.

I got the annual subscription and it has already been worth every penny!"

- Christa Chase, dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

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