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3 tips to keep BOGO momentum without the burnout

BOGO Week is a huge blessing for our businesses. We hustle hard! Staying up late for the new BOGO announcement, waiting patiently for One Drop to approve new items so we can get them to our customers first, and pulling every book to dive deep into the emotional and physical properties of each oil (and then adding our favorite recipes) so we can prep for the morning live.

And then, the real work starts. Lives inside our customer groups, enrolling people that have been on the fence, checking the back office for the latest volume update to make sure it matches your spreadsheet.

🙄 It's no wonder that post-BOGO burnout happens. 

There is a better way to keep the momentum going while avoiding burnout.

Prepare for your post-BOGO Party now.

After a whirlwind week, your customers are just as tired from the information overload. They have been downloading information all week. When the week is over, they may need a re-cap of all the amazing oils they just purchased so they can start using them right away.

  • Schedule the post-BOGO breakdown on your calendar now.
  • Invite your team in for a post-BOGO Zoom, include their complimentary ebook.

One Drop will have your post-BOGO e-books available when the week is over to help break down each oil.

Follow up with each BOGO customer at the end of the week.

Make sure that your customers were able to get their orders in (we all know that BOGOs sometimes sell out). If they weren't able to get what they wanted, what can you do to help them? Send them an oil from your stash or find someone that ordered multiple sets that doesn't mind parting with one. This level of customer service will take you far in your business.

Don't get behind on your new enrollments! They are super excited to get started. Make sure to get your welcome packets around and your membership overviews scheduled.

*Bonus Points* Invite all your current customers to a new membership overview

Customer service = LRP

Prep your content for August so keep the momentum going.

We get it, you just prepared a tidal wave of education to all of your customers and prospects. You just want to sleep for a few days... but you know that don't want to slow the momentum that your business is building. Since you have been showing up daily educating them on the BOGO oils, your customers are primed and engaged. They want to learn all the ways they can use their oils.

You have two options:

  • Create a content calendar, grab all your images and graphics from One Drop, and write up your content for the month.
  • Hit the easy button and use our August Content Calendar!


Yep! Exclusive for August, we will be releasing a full content calendar full of linked in One Drop downloads with typed-out posts done for you! Oh, and we will be releasing a full business builder calendar too!!

Did we just become best friends!? 😂

→ These calendars will be released on Wednesday, July 29th, in our Newsletter so make sure you have your One Drop Subscription set up NOW to take full advantage of breezing into August like the professional you are! 

"One Drop made BOGOs so simple to share! So very grateful for everyone's hard work! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
- Catherine C., dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

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