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2019 Convention Insider’s Guide, Part 1

Are you attending doTERRA’s Global Convention?

Regardless if you are a first timer or a seasoned vet, use this checklist to have the BEST convention experience. Share this with your team!

  1. Start taking your On Guard+ softgels once a day to boost your immune system. Traveling in general exposes you to germs that your body is not used to. Add in being around 30,000 people for 3-4 full days and you will thank us for this tip! Bring them with you and keep taking them as you enjoy convention.
  2. Order Packing Cubes. If you don’t use packing cubes, this tip will make packing and staying organized so easy! These are the ones we use.
  3. Order sample sizes of your toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, and Deep Blue. Also grab some On Guard and Ginger drops to use while traveling. You can also order these little containers, perfect to prepare your own travel size samples.
  4. IMPORTANT: Clear Backpack for Vivint Arena attendees. Yes, you'll likely receive a dōTERRA backpack when you register, but Vivint will be doing a thorough check of all bags so to expedite your way through the line, anyone with a clear bag will be able to walk through much quicker! Here is the one that Keeli has.
  1. Comfortable shoes. With our convention spanning over two event centers, a massive NEW PRODUCT showcase and walking to grab lunch daily, you will be getting your steps in for sure. Make sure you wear shoes that are broken in and comfy.
  2. Layered clothing, and a light sweater or jacket. Even though it will be warm and dry outside, they keep the actual convention room chilled. Dress like you normally dress so you are comfortable. The only time we dress up is for the Gala, which is a formal event.
  3. An extra bag or suitcase. There will be a brand-new convention kit launched, plus TONS of vendors around the event. This means you may go home with more than you came with. So leave some extra space in your bag, or pack a second one, so you are not stressing.
  4. Snacks and a refillable (NON-GLASS) water bottle. Pack some healthy snacks to nibble on through the event and dōTERRA always has big water jugs so you can fill up your water bottle as needed.
  5. Your Oils! This one should be a no brainer but having YOUR oils that you need with you is important. We love Peppermint for a little energy boost, DigestZen for any upset tummy issues, Wild Orange for a quick pick me up and Rose Touch as a personal perfume. The travel vial keychain from your back office is perfect for travel where you are not hauling around your full bottles.
  1. Prep for a different altitude. Altitude sickness is a thing in SLC, so make sure you are drinking lots of water and taking Mito2Max help support your body. Other supplements that help, Altitude Rx, or Cell Food. Be sure to care for your body as you are traveling and frequently around a lot of people.
  2. Purchase the Livestream so you don’t feel rushed to take notes. With the Livestream, you will have access to the recordings until October 31st.
  3. Spending money. Plan to purchase all the things! (Sort of kidding!) Things to keep in mind for your budget:
    • The new convention kits will be available to any convention attendee and it normally includes an oil that cannot be purchased.
    • The price for this kit in the past has generally been between $250-$280.
    • The swag store is another draw. dōTERRA pulls out all the stops with some incredible swag, including cute oil cases, water bottles, apparel and more!

Kudos on making this investment into your business ... and yourself!  We are so excited to see all of you who will be there in person.

Not attending this year?
Stay tuned! We have some amazing Livestream tips coming up next!

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