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Social Media Made Simple, Part Two: Content Creation

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By : Keeli Martinez

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Are you ready to learn ALL about how to optimize your social media to grow your dōTERRA business and personal brand? I hope so!!! 

This is the second of four social media trainings by Keeli, where she will be breaking down all the details of how she has built her brand and a Presidential Diamond team from Instagram.

Training Two: Content Creation

  1. Coming up with original content
  2. How to create BEAUTIFUL photos from your smart phone
  3. Utilizing One Drop to leverage your time
  4. How to create a Weekly Flow
  5. Timesaving Apps

This is a 60 minute focused mentoring session with Keeli Martinez, dōTERRA Presidential Diamond.

When you purchase this training you will get a digital download from One Drop (stored on your My Downloads page under Premium Items) with a link to a platform called Kajabi, where you will have lifetime access to the recording and an exclusive, downloadable work book.

⭐️Bonus: You will also get exclusive access to Keeli's private business mentoring Facebook group where she jumps in, does lives, shares resources and education.