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Social Media Made Simple, Part One: The Foundation

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By : Keeli Martinez

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Are you ready to learn ALL about how to optimize your social media to grow your dōTERRA business and personal brand?

If so, join Keeli as she walks you through the first of four social media trainings breaking down all the details of how she has built her brand and a Presidential Diamond team from Instagram.

Training One: The Foundation 

  1. How social media can leverage your dōTERRA business.
  2. How to attract your ideal customer and business partner.
  3. Clarity on YOUR brand, blinders on!

This is a 60 minute focused mentoring session with Keeli Martinez, dōTERRA Presidential Diamond.

When you purchase this training you will get a digital download from One Drop (stored in your Billing History under your account profile) with a link to a platform called Kajabi, where you will have lifetime access to the recording and an exclusive, downloadable work book.

⭐️Bonus: You will also get exclusive access to Keeli's private business mentoring Facebook group where she jumps in, does lives, shares resources and education.